Y School Heroes: Bustlin’ School Life

Release Dates
(Switch) Japan (Digital)
Aug 13 2020
(PS4) Japan (Digital)
Oct 29 2020
(PS4, Switch) Japan (Physical)
Dec 17 2020
Japanese Title
妖怪ウォッチJam 妖怪学園Y ~ワイワイ学園生活~
Official Website

Y School Heroes: Bustlin’ School Life is an action role-playing video game developed and published by LEVEL-5.


Elite mega academy Y School invites you to enjoy truly unique experiences with bustling friends and solve mysterious incidents that take place in the school.

Key Features

  • School Life with Over 600 Unique Friends – Make friends with over 600 unique students at Y School. A variety of school activities await, such as meeting interesting friends, introducing clubs to friends, and more. All activity affects and changes the player’s school life at Y School.
  • A Mysterious School Life – Jinpei transforms into a “Yo-kai Hero” by triggering the secret power of his watch. Resolve mysteries at school and solve all the incidents caused by yo-kai.
  • Y School Has It All—It’s A Whole City – Y School is not only about class—the community has everything from a mega supermarket to a desert. It’s no ordinary school. There is even a dungeon filled with danger.
  • Battle with Style and Show It Off – Winning is not only about the objective. It’s all about how to win with style. Students are watching so get them stoked and grab “Likes” from them.
  • Free Downloadable Content Updates – There will be free downloadable content after release. More episodes linked with the animated TV series and characters will be introduced.
    • Free Downloadable Content Update “Wannabe Boogie-Woogie Supernova” Now Available – Become one of the characters in Y School in a werewolf game-like multiplayer mode. The super difficulty level “Grudge Mission” is also unlocked. (Downloadable Contents 1 to 3 are included in this upgrade.)

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