Tsukihime: A Piece of Blue Glass Moon

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Aug 26 2021
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Tsukihime: A Piece of Blue Glass Moon is a visual novel developed by TYPE-MOON and published by Aniplex.


Aah—the moon is as beautiful as ever tonight.

When he was young, Shiki Tohno was seriously injured in an accident.

Driven away into the care of a distant relative, he led a calm everyday life until he received news of his father Makihisa Tohno’s death.

Called back to his family home, awaiting him was his younger sister Akiha, who succeeded their father as head of the family, and two maids.

Life as the eldest son of the Tohno family began anew.

A family with age-old traditions.

Life in a mansion not suited to his character.

Fragments of his memories awakened by scenes of the past, Shiki Tohno crosses paths with a person-shaped creature—.

Tsukihime, the romance visual novel created as a doujin game and still discussed today, is reborn!

Arcueid Route: Moon Princess

Shiki Tohno is a high school student left in the care of a distant relative after an accident seven years ago. After his father’s death, he is called back to his distinguished family home, and his everyday life begins anew in the large estate. However, there were some unsettling signs. One day, while feeling lightheaded, he passes by a woman. His encounter with that woman, who calls herself Arcueid, gets him involved in a battle beyond human comprehension by means of inhuman “Vampires.”

Ciel Route: Rainbow of Night

After an unexpected train ride, Shiki quickly becomes close with Ciel, a popular, older student at his high school. With his best friend Arihiko Inui and new teacher Noel, he had a busy, dream-like everyday life. However, that did not last long. The urge to kill suddenly came to boil. And the tragedy he caused drags him to the depths of despair. Offering an umbrella and warm words, it was Ciel who saved Shiki’s soul.


  • Shiki Tohno (voiced by Ryousuke Kanemoto) – The protagonist. At first glance, he is a mild-mannered and quiet boy with an inclination for literature. Perhaps because of his past experience, he has a someone unique opinion on life and death compared to other people his age.
  • Arcueid Brunestud (voiced by Ikumi Hasegawa) – The heroine. A mysterious woman who, in contrast to her faultless, graceful appearance, shows an innocent, child-like attitude.
  • Ciel (voiced by Kaede Hondo) – An older student who attends Shiki Tohno’s high school. Trademarked by her brisk movements, smiling face, and glasses.
  • Akiha Tohno (voiced by Shino Shimoji) – Shiki Tohno’s younger sister. The young head of the distinguished Tohno family, who succeeded her father after his death.
  • Kohaku (voiced by Yuuki Kuwahara) – The younger sister of the twin maids that serve the Tohno family. The sisters seem to have a very close relationship, with Kohaku doing the cooking and Hisui doing the cleaning, and each helping each other where they need it.
  • Hisui (voiced by Kana Ichinose) – The older sister of the twin maids that serve the Tohno family. Since all of the other servants have been dismissed, the current upkeep of the estate is entirely in the sisters’ hands.

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