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Beyond Good and Evil 2 is an open-world action adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montpellier and published by Ubisoft.


The world—or rather worlds—of Beyond Good & Evil are back on the horizon with the unveiling of Beyond Good and Evil 2, a prequel and spiritual successor to the beloved 2003 classic. Beyond Good and Evil 2 invites players to explore System 3, a vast solar system and a hub of interstellar colonization and commerce in the 24th century—and fans have a chance to help shape it by taking a role in the development process.

System 3, as it turns out, is a place where limited resources are viciously warred over by various private enterprises. The struggle for survival amid a rich milieu of evolved species and diverse cultures from Old Earth creates an ideal environment for space piracy, as a new generation of captains rise up to carve out a piece of the galaxy for themselves.

As you rise from lowly pirate to legendary captain, you’ll traverse System 3 at light speed to explore freely on your own or with friends. Presenting its solar system as a massive, seamless online environment, Beyond Good and Evil 2 gives players the chance to dive into the foundations of the franchise’s universe while traveling between diverse planets and moons in search of adventure.

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