The Alliance Alive HD Remastered

Release Dates
(PS4, Switch) North America
Oct 8 2019
(PS4, Switch) Japan
Oct 10 2019
(PS4, Switch) Europe
Oct 11 2019
(PC) Worldwide
Jan 16 2020
(iOS, Android) Japan
Feb 1 2021
(iOS, Android) Worldwide
Dec 14 2022
Japanese Title
アライアンス・アライブ HDリマスター
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The Alliance Alive HD Remastered is a turn-based role-playing video game developed and published by FuRyu. In the west, it is published by NIS America.


The Alliance Alive HD Remastered marks the glorious rebirth of the acclaimed RPG brought to you by FuRyu Corporation. Uniting the talents of writer Yoshitaka Murayama, designer Kyouji Koizumi, art director Masayo Asano, and composer Masashi Hamauzu, this epic adventure combines classic fantasy stories and visuals with modern, innovative gameplay. Players can develop their party’s skills through combat-based character growth, immerse themselves in the game’s lush world via dynamic vehicle-centric exploration, and form alliances with various guilds and factions to access new vehicles, magic, areas, and more!


Humanity has been shattered and enslaved by invading Daemons from another realm. The Dark Current, a cataclysmic event caused by the Daemons’ emergence, has decimated the population and divided land into separate regions, leaving the survivors to be subjugated by Daemonic overlords.
A thousand years have passed since that fateful event, and mankind will remain silent no longer.

To reclaim their home and free their people, an unlikely fellowship of heroes will band together to spark a fiery revolution. They must form alliances with the remnants of resistance throughout the world and make a united stand against the Daemon legions. If they fail, humanity as they know it will remain forever lost to the dark…

Key Features

  • A Vivid World – From lava-covered wastes to snowy mountains, the numerous themed realms around the world offer their own unique experiences and challenges. Navigate each diverse environment by utilizing an armada of different vehicles, including ships, riding animals, and flying machines.
  • Forged in Battle – The ferocity and strife of combat can draw forth your inner reserves of power. Build up determination to enter a state of Ignition, which allows you to execute devastating critical attacks. Repeated use of weapons and Ignition attacks also have a chance to “awaken” a new skill for your characters mid-battle.
  • Stand Together – You cannot challenge the Daemonic invaders alone. Form alliances with Guilds and factions to muster the strength needed to fight. Uniting your forces also grants you access to various resources and tools to aid you in your journey, including new vehicles, areas, magic, and more.

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