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Level Zero: Extraction, formerly Level Zero, is a survival horror video game developed by DogHowl Games and published by tinyBuild.


Level Zero: Extraction is a multiplayer extraction horror, a unique take on survival experience which blends the heart-pounding tension of asymmetric horrors with the high-stakes showdowns of extraction shooters. Embark on a dangerous scavenging expedition where 3 teams of up to 3 mercenaries compete for loot, and dare to come back. Or take on the role of two deadly alien monsters and hunt for human prey.

Brutally Immersive Combat

Venture out solo or with a team, and extract as much valuable loot as you can: weapons, gadgets, research data, crafting resources, and more. Your expedition time and inventory space are limited. You will lose almost all of your loot if you die. There are other mercs competing for valuables and extraction points. And… player-controlled aliens are lurking in the shadows, determined to hunt you all down.

High Stakes PvPvPvE

Level Zero: Extraction features unique gunplay, melee, movement and health systems developed from the ground up to deliver an immersive survival experience. Devastate enemies with a vast arsenal of melee weapons like hammers, bats and machetes, or engage in tense shootouts using pistols, SMGs, shotguns, assault rifles, nail guns, flamethrowers, mines, grenades, and more.

Deep Progression and Customization

Use the loot you’ve extracted to increase reputation with several traders and acquire better gear as well as unique items. Or you can collect resources to create new tools at the recycling/crafting station. Each of your firearms can be upgraded and customized with sights, stocks, grips and other attachments. Play as a human and as a monster to level up and unlock new perks to develop your own playstyle. Craft randomized modifications that can be implanted into your merc, or grow your monster to then sell its DNA for in-game currency and reset progress.

Survival Against All Odds

Survive no matter what. Cooperate, be a lone wolf, or betray other players. Use a vast variety of gadgets like motion sensors, light traps, or remote controls to your advantage, and craft useful tools on the go. Keep quiet and be aware of your heartbeat level which could be sensed by monsters. If you die, you can still help your team by controlling a small scout drone that can ping enemies, use light switches, and stun monsters.

The Power of Light

Light is the only thing that can kill the aliens, making every illumination source both the ultimate weapon and safe haven against them. As a mercenary, strategically use flares, glowsticks, flashlights, and lume traps across the map to stave off monsters.

Become the Nemesis

When playing as a monster, use powerful alien abilities and team up with another player-controlled beast. Stay in the shadows, scan through walls, deploy living traps, crawl through vents, and emit a high-frequency scream to temporarily shut down all light sources in the area. Make sure no mortal gets out alive. Level up your beast and then sell it to scientists to reset the progression and obtain in-game currency.

The game is being developed by a small yet ambitious team of die-hard fans of both horror and extraction games, so if Escape from Tarkov, Hunt: Showdown, GTFO, Beautiful Light, Gray Zone Warfare, Dead by Daylight, Marauders, Dark and Darker, Alien: Isolation, or The Outlast Trials are up your alley, Level Zero: Extraction will delight and surprise you with new mechanics and unforgettable atmosphere.

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