Beautiful Light

Beautiful Light is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Deep Worlds.


Step into the gritty world of Beautiful Light, an intense player-versus-player-versus-player extraction shooter developed by an independent studio, Deep Worlds. Grow as a member of the Quick Reaction Force or invade other players’ raids as a monstrous anomaly. With stunning visuals, Beautiful Light puts a strong emphasis on immersion, horror, and tactical gameplay. The game is designed to push players to their limits and test their abilities in a thrilling experience with a steep learning curve.

Enter. Secure. Extract


Prepare yourself to face the intervention area, search for the mysterious artifact, or complete your quests. Gear up with various weapons, protection, and gadgets, and team up with two squadmates. Land in and explore a hostile environment filled with lore, obstacles, and hazards. Rival operators and monstrous anomalies will do everything they can to take you down. Each raid is unique, so be ready to face the unknown.


Artifacts all have different properties that can be exploited. In this devastated world, exploitation of these resources determines whether a city survives or collapses. That’s why they’re so valuable, and why you need to be the first to secure them and eliminate whatever and whoever stands in your way. If someone has already taken the artifact, make sure you’re the one who brings it back home.


Each death means the failure of your mission and the loss of everything you brought with you. Shoot a flare, call in the extraction helicopter, and escape before something kills you—with or without the artifact. After all, sometimes your life is more valuable than a weird rock—or a friend. Hold on until your extraction vehicle arrives and watch out for any other lurking threats.


To progress, you’ll need to complete quests, secure artifacts, and escape alive. Traders are waiting for you to get their jobs done—don’t fail them, and they’ll reward you. Spend your rewards wisely in an RPG-like progression tree to level up your character and improve your skills, or buy weapons and valuable equipment for your next raid from the traders.

Early Access Features

  • Main, asymmetrical game mode: Raid. Play in a 24-player match with six squads of three operators and six monsters called anomalies, and try to extract the artifact or kill all the humans.
  • Deep, tactical, hardcore first-person shooter mechanics.
  • Huge focus on immersion with an oppressive atmosphere (breathing, realistic footsteps, heartbeats, realistic gas mask).
  • Diegetic HUD inspired by military interface design (forearm PDA).
  • Self-hosting or dedicated server hosted and customized by the community.
  • Advanced inventory system.
  • Tacti-cool stuff: lasers, tactical lights, night vision…
  • Detailed maps.
  • We care about fluidity and fixing bugs: of course, bugs will occur, but we’re really committed to eradicating them and letting you run the game with a good frame rate.

Full Release Features

  • A mercenary and contractor system with many missions to publish or complete.
  • A full-fledged team system with stats, leaderboard, ranks, roles, management, and bonus generators.
  • More content (guns, gadgets, cosmetics, anomalies).
  • More maps—to expand the post-apocalyptic theater of Beautiful Light.
  • A secret expedition game mode.

Beautiful Light Trailers