Bravely Default II

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(Switch) Worldwide
Feb 26 2021
(PC) Worldwide
Sep 2 2021
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Bravely Default II is a turn-based role-playing video game developed by Square Enix and Claytechworks, and published by Square Enix. In the west, the Switch version is published by Nintendo.


Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, nature’s masters. The Crystals’ power exceeds the hand of man, and if unleashed, would bring down death, disaster, calamity and blight upon the land—ancient quatrain of Kingdom Musa.

Guided by fate, it’s up to you to stop the forces that threaten these heroes and all of Excillant.

A new entry in the Bravely series. A new world, a new story, and all-new Heroes of Light. “Four new Heroes of Light emerge.”


  • Seth – A young sailor who drifts to the continent of Excillant and is the main character of this story. Meet Gloria, an exiled princess whose kingdom was robbed of its Crystals, and set out on a journey to recover them with her.
  • Gloria – The princess of Musa, a kingdom that once watched over the harmony of the world – but the loss of the kingdom’s Crystals led Musa to destruction. Having fallen into despair and gone into hiding, she decides to embark on a journey to retrieve the Crystals.
  • Adelle – A mercenary for hire. She travels with Elvis as his bodyguard in his search for an asterisk.
  • Elvis – A scholar who travels the world. Embark on a journey in search of a particular asterisk needed to unravel the last spellbook left by his master.


In addition to a traditional, turn-based battle system that combines jobs and abilities, you can enjoy innovative and strategic battles unique to the Bravely series by taking control of your turns via the Brave and Default system.

  • Brave and Default – Brave Points (BP) dictate how many actions a character can use in a single turn. Players can have characters ‘Default’ to stock up to three additional BP to use in a turn, or characters can ‘Brave’, to use more than one BP to perform multiple actions. Balancing stockpiling and using BP is a key component in battle strategy.
  • Jobs and Abilities – Each character can exhibit both a primary and secondary job class, with each job specializing in different abilities. Combining jobs allow you to handle two abilities simultaneously. You can create an all-rounder balanced in offense and defense, or perhaps a character that specializes in magic. Your tactics and how you develop each character are up to you.
  • Acquire New Jobs – “Asterisk bearers” will often block your path forward. By defeating them, you will obtain an Asterisk that enables you to change jobs.

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