Archetype Arcadia

Water Phoenix
Release Dates
(PS5, PS4, Switch) Japan
Oct 21 2021
(PC) Japan
Jan 24 2022
(iOS, Android) Japan
Jul 1 2022
(PS5, PS4, Switch, PC) Worldwide
Oct 24 2023
Japanese Title
Official Website

Archetype Arcadia is a visual novel developed by Water Phoenix and published by Kemco. The console versions are published by PQube in the west.


The world has fallen to Peccato Mania (original sin), which causes the victims to have urges of harming themselves and others.

To save his younger sister Christine, who has been afflicted with the disease, Rust logs in to the full-dive online game “Archetype Arcadia,” which is the sole means of stopping the disease’s advancement.

Hope, grief, joy, betrayal, and inescapable “death” are found in this game, where players convert their memories into avatars and fight.

This is a fully-voiced text novel adventure game that tells a ghastly story of overwhelming volume, guided by memories that should have been lost.

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