Writing Staff

Sal Romano

Sal Romano — Owner, Editor-In-Chief

Based in New York City, Sal has been writing about the games industry since 2007. He spends his days translating news about Japanese video games / managing Gematsu, which he created. Outside of Gematsu, his name has appeared across several publications including GameZone, VG247, and more. He sleeps as often as possible.

Sal’s favorite games include the Danganronpa series, Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts series, Persona series, and Tales of series.

Moderation Staff


Zero — Community Moderator

Zero has been moderating since the early online days, but he joined the Gematsu team in 2012 with the desire to improve the community. A fan of Japanese games since childhood, his fondest gaming memories are linked with classics like Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and The Legend of Zelda. Outside of Gematsu, he spend most of his limited free time trying to reduce the amount of things in his ever growing backlog, which includes video games, anime, movies, and music. He also loves Tacos.

Zero’s most played game at the moment is Final Fantasy XIV Online.