Worldless is a Metroidvania / side-scrolling action adventure platformer video game developed by Noname Studios and published by Coatsink.


Worldless is set at a time where the rules of existence remain undefined. Players will explore a shapeless world of two realms, one filled with entities forming their growth and understanding, the other is the place they aspire to. This inevitably thrusts them into a war against polarities in a battle for transcendence.

In this 2D action adventure platformer, players will jump, glide and dash through an indeterminate setting, uncovering its secrets and finding their place within a mind-bending reality.

Along the way are encounters with beings who believe their superiority has automatically earned them a place in the next existence. Using turn-based rules along with a unique defend and combination system that requires patience, timing, and the desire for development, your strength and capabilities will truly be put to the test.

Key Features

  • Define the Undefined
    • Uncover Unimaginable Possibilities – Jump, glide, and dash your way through a shapeless world in pursuit of destiny.
    • Blur Realities – Bask in an atmospheric, unforgettable setting that unlocks the mind.
  • Evolve Beyond
    • Grow and Prosper – Upgrade your abilities through an intricate talent tree.
    • Ready Yourself – Engage in turn-based battles, timing your combinations and defenses to perfection.
  • Immerse Yourself
    • Indulgent Melodies – Connect to the realms of Worldless on a deeper level with a haunting, beautiful score.
    • Cherish the Moment – Define the world and challenge its secrets in a mysterious narrative left open to interpretation.

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