Release Dates
(PC) Early Access
Aug 12 2021
(PC) Worldwide
May 9 2023

Voidtrain is a first-person shooter / survival video game developed and published by HypeTrain Digital.


A fresh take on the survival genre—you control and upgrade your own train in an endless adventure full of surprises and dangers.

You play as mechanics who have fallen into a new world for them with their own rules and laws. Discover it, learn to survive in it, explore it. Immerse yourself in a new amazing adventure. On the way you will meet outlandish creatures, many secrets, puzzles and challenges. Gather resources for crafting useful items and structures that help in your survival. Customize the train the way you want to, as you adventure between the amazing worlds of Voidtrain.

Key Features

  • The Interdimensional Express – Start with a tiny trolley. What comes out of it further depends on you. Build, expand, customize, choose the type of engine between different eras – and play the game your way!
  • Discover the Void World – Together with your mechanic, learn to survive in a new environment. A unique world with its own rules—where gravity sometimes does not apply. Gather resources, explore the stations and islands scattered along the way, and hunt the creatures that inhabit them.
  • Unique Adventure – The generation of the environment, events and objects around the player, as well as the choice of the player himself, will make every adventure you have in Voidtrain truly stand out. Each time there’s a new path to go on, new lands to discover, and a new train to build!

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