This Bed We Made

Release Dates
(PS5, PC) Worldwide
Nov 1 2023
(Xbox Series, PS4) Worldwide
Dec 20 2023

This Bed We Made is an adventure video game developed and published by Lowbirth Games.


February 17, 1958. Sophie’s shift at the Clarington Hotel begins like any other—until she opens the door to room 505 and a crimson light comes out…

This Bed We Made is a third-person narrative mystery game that allows you to indulge your curiosity about the hidden lives of others. Take on the role of Sophie, a nosy chambermaid in the 1950s, and discover the sinister mystery that binds the hotel guests through the strange objects they bring on their travels.

Key Features

  • Neo-Noir Investigation – Discover a dark, mysterious, and intriguing story with a touch of glamour and murder as you explore three atmospheric floors of the Clarington Hotel.
  • Guilty Pleasure – Explore your (in)discreet fascination with other peoples’ lives while you inspect their belongings in 360° and solve puzzles.
  • Confidential Relationships – Form intimate bonds with hotel employees and guests, including your choice of ally between street-smart Beth and book-smart Andrew.
  • Lifelike Consequences – Every action taken, and every door opened, can have an impact on how the story unfolds… including how you tidy up the rooms!

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