La Moutarde
Release Dates
Mar 27 2024

Terra Memoria is a role-playing video game developed by La Moutarde and published by Dear Villagers.


With a steady step and a light spirit, your adventure starts to… uh… wait a second.

Another crystal shortage?! My train was canceled? Just my luck! Between that and the robots that are attacking us…

Hey, since you’re here, why don’t you investigate all that? Yes, yes! You’re the perfect fit for that mission. Go ahead! We’re looking at you!

Terra Memoria welcomes you with open arms: six lovable characters, an investigation through all ages, a world with crazy inhabitants, and cozy music… a little RPG with exploration, fighting, construction, and puzzles.

Visit the past and present to discover who controls the crystals, why the ancient machines are attacking, and how everything is linked. (Nooo, really?)

Key Features

  • Go on a Road Trip – Set up your camp with the handyman and the blacksmith while the summoner and the sorcerer cook tonight’s dinner. By the fireside, stories of a shapeshifter and the tunes of a bard resonate. That’s how another day of travel with your new friends ends.
  • Explore the World of Terra – Discover a cute little RPG and its world that combines 3D and pixel art, as well as its authentic music crafted with love. What’s important is the journey! Take your time, take every path, and befriend eccentric citizens (why are they so weird?).
  • Craft, Build, Repair – Use a unique construction tool to change the world and solve puzzles. Buildings and decorations—craft everything and construct a village!
  • Write a Regional Guide – A local recipe, the mayor’s portrait, or a real false treasure map? Every piece of information is good to add to this participatory publication. Will you find the clues hidden there?

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  • June 7, 2023

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