Song of Memories

Release Dates
(PS4) Japan
Apr 27 2017
(PC) Japan, Asia
Feb 27 2018
(PC) Worldwide
Sep 6 2018
(PS4) Worldwide
Feb 1 2019
(Switch) Worldwide
Mar 23 2023
Japanese Title
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Song of Memories is a romance visual novel video game developed by PureWish and published by Future Tech Lab. The PlayStation 4 version is published by PQube in the west.


A story of love and crisis. A dramatic visual novel where your choices determine the ending of the story.

In a grand and mysterious world woven together by beautiful graphics and an emotional story, you become the protagonist and forge your own destiny.

Precious Moments that Can Never Return

The protagonist, who is unaware of the discovery of an unknown virus in the world, enjoys a happy school life with six beautiful girls. Little did they know that it would become a time that would never return… In the first half of the story, the common route is filled with event scenes that can be called the epitome of gal games! They spend their time enjoying events like the pool event and date event. There are more than 100 common events alone!

An Entire Animation that Overturns the Common Sense of Adventure Games

By using the 2D animation tool “E-mote” from conversation screens to event CGs, it overturns the common sense of previous adventure games and achieves a new visual expression that makes you feel like you are watching an anime. In addition, the huge scenario is fully voiced, including the protagonist, and each character reacts in detail according to their words, making it a mechanism that makes you want to watch until the end of their lines without skipping them.

Over 30 Songs Included in the Game!

This work contains over 30 songs. There are two opening songs and six ending songs, all sung by luxurious voice actors for each heroine. The rhythm game element using the music is incorporated in the 3D battle system in the main part, and the combination of battle songs changes depending on the character selection of the artist unit “Dream 4 You,” who is an important character.

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