Shin chan: Shiro of Coal Town

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Feb 22 2024
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Shin chan: Shiro of Coal Town is an adventure video game developed by h.a.n.d. and published by Neos.

■ About

Shin chan and the Nohara family visit the town of Akita. The game depicts Shin chan’s life full of various experiences with Shiro as he travels between two worlds—the real world and a mysterious town. With familiar characters, unique characters that stir up the story, and detailed graphics and settings, Shin chan: Shiro of Coal Town can be enjoyed by a wide range of players of all ages, from Shin chan fans to gamers who want to experience an full-scale story.

Additionally, since the first game was so well received worldwide, we also plan to release Shin chan: Shiro of Coal Town overseas rather than just in Japan. We will announce the release date and game details for each region in due course.

■ Story

The Nohara family goes to Akita.

After receiving a sudden transfer order, Hiroshi travels to his hometown of Akita on business. The Nohara family rents out a traditional Japanese-style house in a village near Hiroshi’s parents. And so their carefree country life amidst a calm rural backdrop begins.

Ginnosuke teaches Shinnosuke what it means to play in the countryside, from hunting bugs to fishing and so on. Part of the fun is sitting around the irori at night while eating local dishes.

In the village, Shinnosuke interacts with the farmers and makes new friends. He was enjoying the good life, when one day…

Shinnosuke follows the soot-covered Shiro.

One morning, Shiro comes home covered in soot. When he sees Shinnosuke tilt his head to the side in confusion, he runs off…! When the chase finally comes to a stop, Shinnosuke is standing in front of a strange train. Fe for better or worse, he is drawn in by Shiro and climbs aboard.

Welcome to Coal Town.

Upon reaching its destination, the train stops at an energetic and bustling town that appears as if time stopped in the Showa era. Its name is Charcoal Town, and the people of this old town can be seen working enthusiastically. After meeting a mysterious girl, Shinnosuke befriends the townsfolk, kickstarting a new adventure…!

And so Shin chan’s mysterious daily life going back and forth between the worlds of the Akita village and Coal Town begins!

■ Stage


Hiroshi goes to a village in Akita on business.

This is a beautiful village with a naturally abundant, rural landscape. It is here that Shinnosuke enjoys country life to the fullest.

Coal Town

A mysterious town you reach via a strange train.

A warm, somewhat nostalgic town, where places like cafeterias and bathhouses are bustling with spirited townsfolk. It seems to be a town where people who work in the coal mine live…

■ How to Play

◆ Things to Do in Akita


From big fish to rarely encountered small fish, Akita’s naturally abundant rivers are home to a variety of fish. There are even crayfish in the irrigation canal…! Switch up the time and place to get the fish you are trying to catch. The fish you catch will be recorded in your Encyclopedia.

Hunt Bugs

Many insects live in the woods and forest. And nighttime becomes a magical scene in which fireflies appear. Some of the bugs are actually endemic species that can only be found in this village! The bugs you catch will be recorded in your Encyclopedia.

Sansai Picking

You can also find unusual sansai (mountain vegetables) along the village roadside or in the mountains. The sansai you pick have a large variety of uses. They too will be recorded in your Encyclopedia.

Grow Vegetables

Learn how to grow vegetables from Grandma Nohara. The more vegetables you grow, the more new seeds you will receive. These fresh vegetables grown in a naturally abundant village are the perfect ingredients for delicious meals!

◆ Things to Do in Coal Town

Make Inventions

In Coal Town, there is a very beautiful lady inventor. Create surprising inventions together using a mysterious machine that produces inventions. Inventions require various items scattered around town.

Create Dishes

The town restaurant is a place of relaxation and refreshment for the working townspeople. Think up new dishes with the proprietress who runs the restaurant. The fish Shinnosuke catches and ingredients he collects can be used to create the dishes!

Trolley Race

Compete against the townsfolk in this popular Coal Town amusement facility. If you win the race, you may even receive a rare item.

There are many courses with their own unique features, including an exhilarating course with pleasant jumps, and a thrilling battle course. Get stronger and take on the challenge!

There are also many types of trolleys, from beginner trolleys that run with more stability, to advanced trolleys that run at far greater speeds. Choose a trolley that suits your racing style. There are even somewhat abnormal trolleys with special skills…

Plenty of items are also available to upgrade your trolley’s functionality, from attack parks that obstruct your opponent, to cornering parts that help your trolley run smoother, and rapid acceleration parts. Customize your trolley to your liking!

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