River City Saga: Three Kingdoms

Release Dates
(Switch) Japan
Dec 16 2021
(PS4, PC) Japan
Jul 21 2022
(PS4, Switch, PC) Worldwide
Jul 21 2022
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River City Saga: Three Kingdoms is a beat ’em up video game developed by APlus Games and published by Arc System Works.

Wacky and Wild Action! Kunio Wreaks Havoc in the Three Kingdoms!

The River City cast of characters step onto the stage of the Three Kingdoms to wreak havoc! This title takes the concept of the beloved Downtown Special: River City Historical Drama! game and crosses international lines to tell the tale of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Watch the wacky and comedic action unfold as our hero Guan Yu (you may recognize him as Kunio) tries to survive the tumultuous times of the late Han dynasty. The rest of the cast make appearances as generals, tacticians, and more, giving the Three Kingdoms a River City twist! Enjoy a funny, action-packed take on famous historical events, from the Yellow Turban Rebellion to the Battle of Red Cliffs.

The Beat ‘Em Up Action You Know and Love!

The gameplay focuses on the beat ’em up action the series is known for. Intricately connected areas form a massive game world. Aside from battle, you can enjoy shopping in villages and cities. Go sight-seeing and explore every nook and cranny!

Turn the Tide of Battle with Flashy “Tactics” Moves!

Turn the tides of battle in your favor with flashy “Tactics” moves! You can impact all the enemies on screen with these Tactics. Using them in specific areas could even lead to discoveries such as hidden rooms or passages…?

About “Heroes of the Three Kingdoms: Battle of Red Cliffs”

In addition to the Story Mode, this title includes a mode for up to four players with local and online co-op, “Heroes of the Three Kingdoms: Battle of Red Cliffs.”

Conquer a total of 10 stages where powerful bosses await, while working together at times, and competing at others. There’s a lot to delve into, from turning friendly fire on or off, to finding hidden stages.

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