Predator: Hunting Grounds

Release Dates
(PS4, PC) Worldwide
Apr 24 2021
(PS5, Xbox Series) Worldwide
Late 2024

Predator: Hunting Grounds is a multiplayer first-person shooter / third-person shooter video game developed and published by IllFonic. It was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment until March 2024.


Predator: Hunting Grounds is a first / third-person hunter-shooter where players take the role of a human mercenary or the Predator. The frenzied combat features instances of intense violence highlighted by frequent gunfire, explosions, screams of pain, blood and gore, and instances of dismemberment and mutilation. Some maps show skinned corpses with partial nudity. One mission chain sees the mercenaries locate and destroy packages of drugs in a cartel compound. Dialogue includes examples of strong language.

Hunt or be hunted in this asymmetrical multiplayer shooter that pits man against Predator. As part of a Fireteam, complete missions before the Predator finds you. Or be the Predator and hunt your prey.

Key Features

  • Be the Predator – Hunt down the opposing Fireteam, using deadly alien weaponry to stalk your prey.
  • Get to the Chopper – Complete challenging missions as part of a four-person Fireteam to escape.
  • Wield Human and Alien Weaponry – Fight with a state-of-the-art arsenal as the Fireteam, and deadly tech like the shoulder-mounted Plasma Caster, Combistick and more as the Predator.

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