Journey to Foundation

Release Dates
Oct 26 2023

Journey to Foundation is a virtual reality adventure video game developed and published by Archiact.


It’s been almost two centuries since Hari Seldon predicted the fall of the Galactic Empire and forged a Foundation to mitigate the chaos and destruction that would come.

You are an agent with the Commission of Public Safety, a shadowy organization that maintains order in the Galactic Empire.

What begins as a mission to investigate deserters in the Periphery quickly becomes a battle for control of all humanity. With your superior officer in your ear, and the esteemed governor’s daughter at your side, you must journey to Foundation.

The future is in your hands. In this immersive roleplaying adventure, you decide who will rise and what is lost to the fires of anarchy.

Disguise, hack, and blast your way through Asimov’s groundbreaking sci-fi universe using the most advanced tools the Galactic Empire has to offer.

Where will your journey lead you?

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  • February 23, 2023

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