Release Dates
(PC) Early Access
May 22 2020
(PC) Worldwide
Nov 18 2021
(Xbox Series, Xbox One) Worldwide
Oct 27 2022
(PS5, PS4) Worldwide
Jun 8 2023
Chinese Title
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Gunfire Reborn is a first-person shooter / roguelite / role-playing video game developed by Duoyi Network and published by 505 Games.


Gunfire Reborn is an adventure level-based game featuring first-person shooter, roguelite, and RPG elements. Players can control unique heroes—each with different abilities—as they adventure through random levels and pick up randomly dropped weapons. You can play Gunfire Reborn alone or cooperatively with up to three other players (four-player cooperative play).

Every level is random; each new restart is a brand-new experience. You will meet different heroes and experience new weapons, items, checkpoints, and unique combat rhythms across the game’s many levels.

Key Features

  • First-person shooter, roguelite, and RPG combined gameplay. Construct diverse Builds through death cycles for a different experience.
  • Elaborate, yet randomized stage experience.
  • Over 100 different items and various weapons.
  • Many heroes and multiple game plus with different game mechanisms.
  • Unique art style.
  • A cooperative, level-based adventure.

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