Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

Release Dates
(Wii U) Japan
Sep 27 2014
(Wii U) North America
Oct 22 2015
(Wii U) Europe
Oct 30 2015
(PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) Worldwide
Oct 28 2021
Japanese Title
零 ~濡鴉ノ巫女~
European Title
Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water
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Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is a horror video game developed and published by Koei Tecmo Games.


Mt. Hikami was once revered as a spiritual place.

It housed a unique religion based on beliefs and customs of worshipping water as a deity and is said to have been a site of many gruesome incidents and mysterious phenomena.

This mysterious and intertwined story follows three protagonists—Yuri Kozukata, Miu Hinasaki, and Ren Hojo—as each of them explores the ominous Mt. Hikami, a place where many came to die, and the secrets it hides.


Players use Camera Obscura, a special camera capable of repelling vengeful ghosts and sealing away their powers, to explore Mt. Hikami and the numerous incidents that took place there in the past.

The story is divided into separate missions, and each mission is led by a new protagonist. The protagonists have a power called Shadow Reading, which allows them to sense the remnants of memories of people who have disappeared on the mountain.

These memories lead the players deeper on secret mountain paths, but what awaits there are malicious spirits that want you to join them in the world of the dead. The only way to fight the spirits off is to capture them with the Camera Obscura. After a spirit is defeated, you can also use the Glance ability to see the final moments of their life.

In addition to sealing the evil spirits that attack you, Camera Obscura can be used to reveal other things that can’t be seen with the human eye and will help in the recovery of lost items.

By using the camera and the various abilities, you will be able to unravel the mysteries of the sacred mountain.

New Features (not in the Wii U version)

  • Improved screen resolution.
  • New outfits and accessories.
  • New Snap Mode where you can freely place characters and spirits for creative shots.
  • Updated Ghost List.
  • Updated controls.
  • And more!

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