Earth Defense Force: World Brothers 2

Release Dates
Japan, Asia
May 23 2024
Sep 26 2024
Japanese Title
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Earth Defense Force: World Brothers 2 is a third-person shooter video game developed by Yuke’s and published by D3 Publisher.


Earth Defense Force: World Brothers 2 is a sequel that depicts what happens next on the square Earth made of blocks.

The game cunningly introduces elements from Earth Defense Force 6, the latest numbered entry in the series released in 2022, as well as features “Wing Diver The Shooter,” which was carelessly left out of the first game. This latest entry is filled with more love for the Earth Defense Force series and planet Earth than ever before.

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers 2 includes over 100 Earth Defense Force Brothers and over 100 missions. Four-player team battles and other small gags that will make fans smile remain in tact.

Earth Defense Force Brothers from all over the world will regroup for an unprecedented crisis brought about by a new assassin that threatens to tear Earth apart. To restore the peace on the square Earth, the Earth Defense Force will go beyond the borders and chains of their respective works for an emergency dispatch.


The Earth Defense Force has long fought off the threats from outer space. So we have continued to keep our sights on the sky and remain vigilant.

However, a new threat has emerged from within the Earth itself. Its name is “Gaiark.”

The titan appeared out of nowhere and tore the Earth apart once again! But not to worry! We’re prepared for the task.

The Earth Defense Force was reorganized for times like this. Go on, Commander, pick your team.

Let’s save the Earth from crisis together one more time!

All units prepare to dispatch! I repeat: all units prepare to dispatch! Earth is under attack. Earth Defense Force, please dispatch immediately!

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