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Apr 6 2023
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Curse of the Sea Rats is a Metroidvania / side-scrolling action platformer video game developed by Petoons Studio and published by PQube.


Curse of the Sea Rats is a stunning platform adventure in the ‘Ratoidvania’ style! Lovingly crafted with hand-drawn animations and gorgeous 3D backdrops, it charts the epic journey of four crew mates, turned into rats by a pirate witch, as they attempt to regain their humanity.

Key Features

  • Lavish Art and Animation – Beautiful 2D, hand-drawn animation breath life into the game’s characters—inspired by the likes of Disney and Don Bluth and reminiscent of the golden age of 2D platforming action. These combine seamlessly with detailed 3D environments and enhanced by light and shadow to create a 2.5D platforming experience of incredible quality.
  • Freedom and Exploration – Chart your own progress though a huge, open, non-linear game world as you attempt to track down the Pirate Witch who cursed you. Shipwrecked on the coast of Ireland in the 18 Century, you’ll need more than just your swashbuckling skills to forge your path to freedom.
  • Four Playable Characters – Whether you play alone or with up to three friends, there are four playable characters to chose from—Douglas, Buffalo, Akane, and Bussa. Each bringing their own unique fighting styles to the adventure to help you get the better of both enemies and the environment!
  • Enhance and Upgrade – While each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be able to improve their abilities as your adventure progresses—unlocking new special skills, boosting your offence and defense, or unlocking powerful magics!
  • A Huge Adventure – A labyrinthine network of hundreds of pathways, rooms and discoveries lay before you, in a substantial quest of over 12 hours. Can your master each character’s abilities, find all of the game secrets and unlock all the multiple endings?

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