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Jul 20 2023

Cross Tails is a strategy role-playing video game developed by RideonJapan and published by Kemco.


Cross Tails is a tactical strategy RPG rich of character development that follows a story-driven plot and stage levels depicted in a 3D quarter view. Player will throw themselves into turn-based battles with a wide range of characters each with their own classes.


The Kingdom of Ranverfurt, a country of the Hundians, and the Republic of Hidiq, a nation of the Felis. It has already been a decade since the war started between these two nations as neither side is able to put an end to it. The hatred between the two peoples is such deep as if it was imprinted in their memories…

Game Mechanics

In turn-based battles, players can enjoy highly strategic combat that takes advantage of the varying elevation of the terrain and character orientation. The game also features a high degree of freedom in character development, including class changes, skill trees, and faith selection. Aim for victory by utilizing a total of more than 30 classes, including the heavy knight who serves as a wall in the vanguard and the archer who excels at long-range attacks.

Rich Character Development

  • Class Changes – Total of 24 types of classes + fixed class for every main character. Each character can have a main job and a sub class.
  • Skill Tree – All the 24 jobs have a skill tree where skills can be learned or strengthened.
  • Passive Equipment – Passive skills learned in the skill tree can be equipped. The available equippable slots increase as characters increase their level.
  • Equipment Upgrade – Weapons and armor can be upgraded by attaching rune stones that grant magic effects.
  • Faith – Different faiths, from the deity of war to the deity of business, can be selected to add bonus values to stats or special abilities.

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