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Copa City is a simulation video game developed and published by Triple Espresso.


First football tycoon. YOU make the match happen!

In this high-stakes football event management game, you’re in charge of the stadium and an entire city’s infrastructure. Oversee the entire match preparation process with complete decision-making authority, plan routes, take care of logistics, and get ready for clubs and their fans to arrive. But be careful, as each city, match, and club have their own unique needs and characteristics. Stay alert and overcome challenges under time pressure to make sure that the football fiesta will happen without a hitch.

Your ability to orchestrate both the logistical and emotional sides of a football event will determine your success. So set the game, prepare the city, and let’s see if you have what it takes to create memorable emotions on the field!

Real Cities, Real Clubs, Real Challenges

Organize football events in three real-world cities, recognizable by their landmarks. Start in Warsaw, Poland, with two more venues revealed soon. You will invite two out of six licensed football clubs to the city, an elite and diverse selection, which includes Arsenal FC, FC Bayern Munchen and CR Flamengo. They come along with unique colors, chants, features, and fan behaviors for an authentic atmosphere. But nothing comes easy. You need to ensure both safety and fun for spectators, taking into account the challenges that come with each club.

Create Unforgettable Football Emotions

Make the city gradually surrender to the irresistible charm of the football fiesta. It’s only up to you and your decisions to provide people with emotions that will culminate at the first whistle, but ensure that even the city residents who are not a part of the event have a good experience. Keep in mind that beyond meticulous planning and logistics, the true heart of football event organization lies within the emotions that happen during the match. Make it fun for everyone.

Take Control of an Authentic City

Before you can hear the loud roars of the fans, your role is to ensure that the event happens in the first place! Take control of the city, adapt urban space, set up fan zones, take care of the media facilities, properly display official sponsors, and plan the logistics to ensure that fans and teams arrive at the stadium on time. You have full decision-making ability, which will influence the events before the match. Do you have what it takes?

React, Adapt, Overcome

Even the best preparation may not be enough when dealing with a spectacular football fiesta. Stay alert and navigate through unpredictable challenges as you manage a crowd of thousands of fans.

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