Release Dates
Q4 2024

Munch is a roguelite action video game developed and published by Mac n Cheese Games.


Munch is a single-player heavy metal themed action roguelite where you play an evolving monster, devouring your victims and laying waste to villages and cities, with over-the-top gore. You are what you eat—unlock each metal-themed monster by eating different elements, then defeat the god Ordo let Metal reign supreme!

Munch Through Ordo’s Champions and Beasts

Hunt your way across the world. Devour the remains of your victims.

Unlock 13 Playable Monsters

Grow into different forms each with unique abilities and playstyles.

Stack Abilities and Traits for that Visceral Power-Fantasy

Enemies drop different elements to devour, which impacts your upgrade options. Eat wisely.

Awaken, Chaosbourne!

You have been summoned by the Gods of Heavy Metal to defend Metalheads and their Faith from the Followers of Order. Their god, Ordo, has banished Metal from the world and has oppressed the faithful believers throughout the Ages.

Evolve the Chaosbourne monster and bring Chaos back to the world in this reverse-horror action roguelite.

Seek out the human settlement. Fight Ordo’s wretched followers and all others that stand in your way. Crush their greatest Champions! Devour their corpses to evolve new grotesque forms and gain powerful abilities.

Gorge yourself and absorb the elements of Flesh, Nekro, or Stone to transform into 12 different forms and hybrids, each with their own unique battle style.

Free the oppressed, then sleep and re-awaken in a new Age, ready to defend Metal once again!

Bring Back Metal

Be Heavy Metal’s champion!

Key Features

  • Listen to a bad-ass heavy metal soundtrack.
  • Evolve into 12 different monsters including hybrids.
  • Add variation to your monster through upgrades.
  • Explore a procedurally generated world that changes over the Ages.
  • Over-the-top action, blood and gore.
  • Single-player.

Munch Trailers