Release Dates
(Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch, PC) Worldwide
Aug 11 2021
(PS5) Worldwide
Feb 14 2023

Boyfriend Dungeon is a roguelike action video game developed and published by Kitfox Games.


Date your weapons! Romance swords, daggers, and polearms to level them up in this “shack-and-slash” dungeon crawling adventure.

You move into your cousin’s old apartment, rent-free for the summer. Plus, he’ll help you solve your little problem… you’ve never been on a date in your life!

To get some confidence and meet people, plus earn a little cash, you’re tasked with clearing the creatures in “the dunj.” Soon you discover weapons you find transform into cuties… and they’re SINGLE! (What a craaazy coincidence because you also happen to be up for grabs yourself.) But someone’s abducting weapons and leaving them damaged in the dungeon! Who could do such a thing? Will you solve the blade-napping mystery? Will you find love? Or, friendship, at least?

Craft gifts for your bae blades and give them when the time is right, whether it’s in the dunj or out on the town. After all, a couple that slays together, stays together.

Bae Blades

  • Estoc (Isaac) – The sharpest dresser.
  • Dagger (Valeria) – Tired of backstabs.
  • Talwar (Sunder) – Worried he’s becoming an antique.
  • Lasersaber (Seven) – Hard to get a handle on him.
  • Glaive (Sawyer) – Awkward in the wrong hands.
  • Scythe (Rowan) – Reaping what they sow.
  • Brass Knuckles (Pocket) – Loves cat naps.
  • Axe (Jonah) – Surfer sweetie.
  • Hammer (Leah) – Fashionable and cute.
  • Whip (Dr. Holmes) – Cannot be wielded.

Date them all without a care, you polyarmourous dual-wielder, or just be best friends. Either way, you can reach max Love Rank, because platonic love is also real love. (Besides, you can’t be romantic with the cat anyway. Calm down.)

If that’s not enough for you, mod your own! The developers have already added basic support for changing out weapon looks—keep an eye on updates for more features to help you blacksmith your own sharp cuties and trade them with your friends.

Key Features

  • Date up to nine-ish weapons, from dancing swords to heart-piercing daggers.
  • Generated action-combat dungeons and challenges! Stay sharp!.
  • Various combat styles. For example, hit hard and dodge quickly with the dagger, or take on crowds with Lasersaber.
  • Inclusive, tasteful approach to gender and sexuality – male, female, and non-binary romance.
  • Let’s get to the point: take your weapon-babes on romantic outings, such as to the club or the beach.

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