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(PC) Worldwide
May 15 2024
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Baladins is a choose-your-own-story multiplayer adventure video game developed by Seed by Seed and published by Armor Games Studios.


They call themselves Baladins, yet in the streets they were given many names over centuries. Itinerant artists, troops, troublemakers, party animals. They are entertainers for a living and travelers as a lifestyle. One day caring for people, the other day snooping around and causing disorder. Alternately glorious or utterly annoying. No one knows what their role is, yet their names remain in the folktales of every household. They stir up rumors.

Invariably, on their passage, hope blooms.

  • Pick a Champ – Choose between four original heroes! Each of them has a unique skill, from cooking to fireworks, dance or luxomancy (the ancient magic of being very very good at fixing lamps). Check their skills and stats before picking the champ that fits your style!
  • Explore the World – Travel the strange lands of Gatherac and unravel all its secrets and legends. Everybody knows a good myth is based on some truth, and myths may be a lot closer than you think. The turn-based exploration allows every player to feel the thrill of unveiling new places along the way!
  • Choose Your Own Path: One Story, Many Adventures – Every decision taken can affect the world around, and you’re the one in charge! Tailor your adventure as you go but be ready to face the consequences. The decisions you have to make are not moral choices, but creative approaches that will have very different outcomes!
  • Boost Your Hero – Shape your character and their strengths to fit your favorite playstyle. Gather oddball items to benefit their powers, for better or worse. Plan your stats upgrades according to your goals and find items to increase it even more!
  • And Buckle Up for Your Biggest Challenge – Brace yourselves for all the pitfalls you’ll meet along the way, whether you choose to follow your own path or to go full on the rescue mission to save Gatherac! You never know what can hit you in this world, but one thing is for sure: there is a dragon to be taken care of!!

Key Features

  • One-Hour Game Sessions – No time for 95-hour games anymore?
  • Unique World Building – It may look like your classical medieval fantasy, but it’s all twists and twirls!
  • Focused on Narratives – Stories don’t leave anyone behind. Anybody can pick up the game no matter how much of a gamer they are.
  • Make Your Own Adventure – Only you can decide which path to follow and which quests to pursue!
  • Traditional Animation – carefully handcrafted 2D animation on all characters and NPC!
  • The More, the Merrier – Gather your friends, adventures are meant to be shared and hard tasks get easier when you have the whole band with you!

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