Kingdom Under Fire II G-Star media, details

Action RPG and real-time strategy collide in upcoming sequel.

Blueside released two new trailers, several screenshots, and an avalanche of new information for Kingdom Under Fire II at G-Star in Seoul, South Korea this weekend.

The upcoming MMO action strategy RPG is in development for PlayStation 4 and PC, with service planned South Eastern Asia in early 2014. Later service is also planned for other parts of Asia, North America, and Europe.

Watch the new trailers below. View the screenshots at the gallery.




Title: Kingdom Under Fire II
Developer : BLUESIDE Inc.
Genre: MMO Action Strategy RPG
Platform: PC Online / PS4
Target Release Date: Korea PC online – Service planned for 2014

Creates a whole new genre by combining two of the most beloved elements of online games: action RPG & real-time strategy!

  • The satisfying combat and flashy animation exceed that of even most action games. The control scheme is intuitive and easy to learn. These are just a few of the great qualities inherited from its predecessors and expanded upon. This action RTS is the first MMO ever in the franchise and lets the player command a large number of troops to defeat other players online and become a legend.
  • The RPG side lets players grow their heroes and up to one hundred different types of troops.

Fight as a soldier in the middle of the most detailed and realistic battlefield ever created.

  • The massive battles come alive like a blockbuster movie with thousands of strikingly-detailed units fighting for survival, all powered by the in-house engine.
  • Feast your eyes on flashy abilities and realistic destructible props.

3 Factions, 100 types of troops, and one massive battle that will test your wits.

  • Fierce rivalry between 3 factions: Human Alliance, Dark Legion and Encablossa.
  • 100 types of troops including Infantries, Archers, Paladins, Inquisitors, Air Units, Army Band, Bone Dragon, Mammoth and more. Intense medieval-style siege battles where players can use many different approaches, utilizing towers, ladders, catapults, and many other castle-siege weapons.

War system in which players expand their territories to become the ultimate ruler of the continent!

  • Includes many MMORPG elements such as guilds, politics, sieges, territory and cultivation, while staying true to its RTS base.
  • Provides a vast community system in which a player can expand his or her community. The ultimate goal is to expand one’s territory to become the ultimate ruler of the continent.

Unlimited entertainment and infinite gameplay!

  • Aside from hero leveling, players can blaze their own path by continuously gaining new troops.
  • Join a guild or a nation, show your loyalty by expanding it, and declare war against others to claim new territory, fighting alongside other members!

World Details

Epic online game Kingdom Under Fire II depicts the war among three rivaling factions in the continent of Bersia, each of which consists of various races and nations

The human alliance is consist of pure humans, half-elves, dwarves and others, and they allied with each other in hope to gain their interests and continue their existence.

Dark Legion on the other hand is consist of the orks, ogres, dark elves, half vampires and the vampires command the orks in battles.

The encablossians whose identity is behind the bale have the appearance of mutated creature, and nobody knows neither where their interest lies nor where they came from.

Each faction has its own hero characters, and they command their army and fight in battles for their factors and countries.

A long time has passed since the war of crusaders, and now the next generation of the heroes that fought in that war are the main heroes of the game.

The son of Gerald, and also a half elf, Glen, Dark elf with Albino, Isabella, and Regnier who made appearance in all of the war that took place in the Kingdom Under Fire universe are the heroes that the story of the game revolves around.

Other Story Setting

Jerk Knights: Bersian legend has it that Seven heroes appear out of nowhere to save Bersia as it falls into
chaotic time. It is the seven heroes of the first War of Heroes that the legend is referring to. Keither who founded the nation of Azillia and also the leader of the dragon knights, the sorcerer Moon Light, the protector of the Ancient Heart, Karl, Karl’s lover Celine, the king of the dwarves, Gunter, the mysterious sourceress Rudiana, and Caser’s friend, Rick Miner are the seven heroes of the legend.

Acient Heart: The way the ancient heart is used is different in every Kingdom Under Fire title, but they all share one same fact that they all try to make things happen that are impossible for men. Rick Blood who appeared in the original Kingdom Under Fire is actually Rick Miner who was killed during the first war of heroes and gets resurrected by the power of the Ancient Heart.

Ancient Heart make, instead of human blood, the dragon blood runs in his body, and he changes into something else other than human thus he goes through extreme pain.

(In Kingdom Under Fire II, he’s called Reniger.)

Kiliani tried to repeat the centry by using the Ancient Heart in the Altar of Destruction. In other words, the original purpose of Ancient Heart is to repeat the centry, and in Kingdom Under Fire– The Crusader, it was destroyed in the cave located in the north of Ecclessia, so Encablossa gains power and tries to repeat the century.

Nible: It appeared as an ancient dragon in the original Kingdom Under Fire. It came to be known as a god that controls the century of light in Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders.

Encablossa: It is a god that controls the centry of darkness, and first appeared in Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders. The creatures of light got observed into it, and mutated their bodies to something that can adopt to the centry of darkness. It is said that escaping from Encablossa can only be done through the top of chaos, and Rick Blood is the only one who succesfully freed itself from it and made his way back to the real world.

Kingdom Under Fire II: The story after Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders

Afte the War of Power Share

Kendal and Regnier who were sucked into the body of Encablossa succesfully stopped the force of darkness, but nobody that went in made it back. Later on, this war was come to be known as the War of Re-emergence because of the fact that the god himself appeared in the mortal’s world.

Eclessia which is the very cause of all the trouble calls this war the Campain to the West, or the Holy War.

This war that literally ravaged the entire region of Bersia left no winner, and only brought the trouble making creatures, and they are the original form of Encablossians.

The Division of Bellond

The power of the half vampires who lost their two of the most trusty leaders, Baldemar and Regnier, got reduced at a dramatic pace. Dark elves noticed they expanded its territory after many movements of building their own nation.

The resistance group had been around for a while doing secret activities, and the timing was perfect for them to grow their power. They now call themslfe Kaedes.

But, even among the dark elves, a group of anti-Kaedes was formed, and the nation of the dark elves were devided into pro-Bellond and pro-Kaedes, which causes an internal war to break out.
As a result of the war, Bellond came out as a winnner, and Kaedes were driven out of the country. The one who made it all possible, Moruine who had also protected Baldemar in the past became the queen of the nation.

Kaedes who lost the war on the other hand fled to somewhere in the northen region of Hexter running away from Bellond who began pursuing him. Weakened greatly although he came out vitorious of the war, Bellond failed to maintain his control of Hexter. Hexter felt back into the status once it’d had before Regnier emerged. Gorznic tribes still believe that Regnier will someday come back, and keep their traditional lifestyle of ork. Daroka tribes got weakened greatly pushed by other newly appeared tribes.

The Fall of Eclessia and the independence of Azillia

Eclessia was greatly damaged because of Encablossa that grew its power right in the middle of Eclessia’s territory. Miraculously, the capital city of Eclessia remained unharmed, but the nation ended up losing their great leader, the pope, and their main army that’d formed by Kendal.

Because of that reason, they failed to control the Encablossian creatures that wrecked havoc within their territory. On top of that, a conflict broke out amid deciding who’s going to succeed the pope’s position, and the reputation of the nation was tainted to the great extent. Now weakened, Eclessia eventually called Hironinden for help them get rid the nation of the Encablossian creatures. Azillia realized that Eclessia was no longer the powerful nation it once was, so it broke out a war for independence and succeeded in achieving it. The people of Azillia have strong hatred toward Eclessia due to its long colonization, and their view differs greatly from that of Eclessia in many ways.

Azillia enjoys the freest and the most open atmosphere in the continent.

The Rise of Hironiden

Hironiden was also deeply damaged going through many wars, but at least it was in a lot better condition than Bellond, the country that was completely ravaged due to its internal conflict or Eclessia, which turned into Encablossian’s playground. Relatively less damaged than other neighboring nations, Hironiden plays an important role in helping its allying nations getting back on their feet. While doing that, Hironiden’s influence on its allies grew to a great extent, while Eclessia became less and less influential on them.

The Great Cataclysm

No one could predict what was about to happen. Yesterday’s field became mountains, and the seas turned into the land. The impact that the Great Diastrophism brought on the continent was so huge, that they had to completely redraw the map of it, and there are no longer what you can call borders. Most of the nations again had to face this biggest tragedy ever since the War of Power Share ended. Nobody really knew what caused this to happen. Some scholars suggests that it was an accident that happened while Encablossian creatures was trying to force the world to change in to the world of darkness. The elves built a new nation near where the Revent Mountains used to lie, and named it Silvania. The misty island were connected to the land. But still, there’s a spell put on the island that prevents the access to it. Some people migrated to the lands that were formed where there had been the sea, and settled down there.

Emergence of Encablossians

These strange creatures appeared out of the crack between dimension and dimension when the diastrophism was taking place. They claim that they were settlers living in Bersia in the previous centry, and managed to make their way back through the crack caused by the diastrophism. They call themselves returnees, but others call them Encablossians. Some suspect that they’re the ones who triggered the diastrophism to happen, but they strongly standby their claim that they have nothing to do with it. They just say they were lucky to be able to make an escape and come back home at the right timing. Bellond acknowledges their claim, and has allied with them. Eclessia hated Encablossians but they couldn’t do anything about it because they were hurt from numerous wars and the diastrophism.

After the Great Cataclysm

The mountains that were so high that they could reach the sky divided the continent not only into nation and nation, but also a nation into several pieces. High mountains made it all the transportation used before the diastrophism completely useless. At the end, all the nations lost control of their landlords. All the while, a massive number of Encablossian creatures came out through the crack between dimensions. Now completely remote, the landlords had to find the way to survive by themselves. Many landlords parted their ways and became half self-governed states. The landlords that became independent started to look for strong warriors to gain self-defense, thus formed the mercenaries.

And present…

It took a lot less time for Hironiden to heal itself from the damage it received after going through the diastrophism than other nations, and have been deligently rebuilding itself.

Hironiden has set its eyes on the south to the nation, and has been expanding its territory consuming unclaimed lands. Irritated by this campaign by Hironiden, other nations look at this with extrme caution, and Hironiden realizes it so they allow other races to travel in and out of these newly claimed lands saying they are neutral regions. As of late, these territories have been come under continuous attack by a group of mercinaries that carry the flags that have black sun on them. Hironiden can not send their own army to protect these lands because they’re neutral, so they’re in hurry to recruit mercineries.

Eclessia is finally out of the shock it received from the diastrophism, and now they’re struggling to regain the glory it once had in the past. But the neighboring nations like Azillia and Silvania have a deep rooted hatred towards Eclassia because they went through the colonization. Eclessia’s religious body regards all other races other than the human alliance members as dark legion, so there’s a friction between them and Encablossians. The pope is telling people that he’s trying to put an end to the dark force that’s placed itself in the light world as an excuse to open an inquisition, and the members of this inquisition are battling against the Encablossian creatures nearby. Other nations think skeptically of the fact that they’re engaged in military activities within itself, but since they’re fighting off the monsters that appeared after the diastrophism with all their heart, so they’ just turn a blind eye.

The elves of Sylvania have very closed and remote policy when it comes to dealing with other nations. After the death of Cellin who was the protector of the Ancient Heart and Karl who is the head of a clan, they still haven’t decided on who will succeed those positions and now their governing system’s been changed to

Azillia is well on its path to better future. Azillia currently prohibits any inquisitive activities, so there’s a friction between Azillia and Eclessia.

Haxter is back to its old self, and now is at war.

Daroka and Gorzanik became weak as a newcomer named Snooku became powerful. After the Great Diastrophism found a never before seen substance. This golden liquid is a catalyst that possesses incredible magic power, and this mysterious portion can even bring dying people back to life. You can find this liquid in the other areas of the continent but Hexter is where it is found the most. In a hope to get something out of this liquid, many adventurers, traders, and sometimes soldiers come here making Hexter more and more chaotic.

Kaedes found a ancient ruin located in the south to the desert of Hexter that’s believed to be from the previous generation, adopted the culture and made it to its own. Taking advantage of this ruin, Keades’s been regaining its strength it once enjoyed.

Vellond keeps its door closed and nobody knows what actually is going on inside the nation. Only the Encablossians are allowed to enter Vellond, and no one knows what brought them together suddenly.

Encablossians sent a messenger to each nation and expressed that they have no intention to invade other countries, but no countries except Vellond has been friendly towards them. Among humans, there are considered to be just another Dark Legion. Orks can’t care less about them, because they are too much apart from each other geographically. The dark elves look down on them like they usually do to other races, but Kaedes has some hope that they could come in handy solving the secret of the ancient ruins. Bellond is the only ally it has.

In the every corner of the continent, there’s a rumor going around that the world will face extinction soon. And rumor brought many cult-like groups. There’s a court that keeps track of every cult activities, and when found, their job is to prosecute that cult-like organization.

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