Winning Post 9 2022

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Apr 14 2022
Japanese Title
ウイニングポスト9 2022
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Winning Post 9 2022 is a sports video game developed and published by Koei Tecmo Games.


The Winning Post series is based on Japanese horse-racing. In it, players become owners / breeders and experience the drama between the people and horses of the horseracing world.

In Winning Post 9 2022, a new system called “Yushun no Kizuna” has been introduced to depict the bond between horses. Deepening the bond will have various effects and allow you to enjoy new strategies.

In addition, two new scenarios have been added to the “Starting Year Scenario”: the “1976” scenario, which recreates the TTG showdown, and the “2012” scenario, which is still fresh in our memories, allowing you to experience a hot new era.

Online battles have also been powered up to make it easier for beginners and experts alike to play. With new elements such as the “Online WP Championship” and “Online Horse Championship,” a wide range of players can enjoy the game.

Alongside the addition of a new secretary, Furitani Mea, and support for the latest horse racing programs for the year 2022, the game is also packed with more attractive additions than ever before, including a new formula theory called “Subparameter Explosive Power,” the opening of overseas farms within the historical period, and new strategies for racing. It represents the world of horse racing in an overwhelming volume.

Key Features

  • Form a Bond Between Horses! “Yushun no Kizuna” System! – A new system called “Yushun no Kizuna” has been introduced to depict the bond between horses. The “Yushun no Kizuna” will sprout at specific times when you designate a stablemate (Doukyuba) in the new “Training Partner” element, or when you run in races. After that, the “Yushun no Kizuna” gradually progresses as you run in the same races as your bonded partner or accompany him on overseas expeditions. As the “Yushun no Kizuna” deepens, you’ll gain various bonuses, further expanding the scope of your strategy.
  • Recreate the Legendary TTG showdown! Two Major Scenarios, Old and New! – In the “Starting Year Scenarios” section, we’ve added two new scenarios from new eras. With the addition of the 1976 scenario, where you can enjoy the still-talked-about “TTG” three-horse showdown consisting of Tosho Boy, Ten Point, and Green Grass, and the 2012 scenario, where unique star horses such as Goldship and Gentil Donna engage in fierce battles, you can experience a hot era.
  • Anyone Can Enjoy! Powered-Up Online Elements! – In this title, the online elements will be more powerful and easier to play for both beginners and advanced players. The online tournament “Online WP Championship,” in which only the best players can participate, and the Ranked Match system have been introduced, as well as the “Online WP Championship,” a dedicated mode in which you can enjoy horse betting. You can enjoy more casual and fulfilling online play.
  • Compatible with the Latest Horse Racing Data! Many Famous Horses from the 1970s have Been Added! – The latest horses have been added, including the current three-year-old generation, such as Do Deuce, who won the Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes (Asahi Hai FS) undefeated and was named the best 2-year-old stallion. In addition to TTG, many other famous horses from the 1970s have been added to the game, including Maruzensky, who was described as a “supercar.” We will add about 900 historical horses, both old and new.
  • Plenty of Power-Ups to Go Around! – Other additions include the implementation of the “Hong Kong Short-Distance Triple Crown” overseas bonus series for short-distance horses, the introduction of a new breeding theory (subpar explosive power), the addition of a new secretary named “Furitani Mea” and three new acquaintances who can also serve as marriage partners, the opening of overseas farms during the historical period, new strategies in races, shortcut functions, the simultaneous establishment of multiple lines at the end of the year, and the ability to list all the offspring born from historical horses.
  • Prior Data Migration and Bonuses for Series Fans! – If you have Windows version Winning Post 9 series save data, the money and charms can be carried over to the new game to give you a starting advantage. In addition, those with Winning Post 8 series save data can gain a charm as a bonus.

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