Where the Heart Leads

Release Dates
(PS4) Worldwide
Jul 13 2021
(PC) Worldwide

Where the Heart Leads, formerly Where the Heart Is, is an adventure video game developed and published by Armature Studio.


One stormy night, Whit Anderson attempts to save the family dog and tumbles down a mysterious sinkhole. Within, he finds a distorted reality and a wondrous, terrifying power to change his history by reaching back into the moments that defined his life. Guide Whit through his recollections, discovering whether the grass is greener and where you were always meant to be.

Key Features

  • Take the journey of a lifetime as Whit Anderson, an artist and would-be farmhand who retraces his steps as a child, parent, and elderly man.
  • Hundreds of choices across a 600,000-word script, equal to five novels and offering virtually limitless permutations.
  • Dozens of endings and hundreds of outcomes. For many choices, a consequence.

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