TAITO Milestones

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Feb 24 2022
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TAITO Milestones is a video game collection developed by Hamster Corporation and published by TAITO. In the west, it is published by ININ Games.


TAITO Milestones includes the following titles:

  • Qix (1981) – Draw lines as the “Marker” and capture areas by encircling them. Watch out for enemies while moving around!
  • Space Seeker – A hybrid of strategy and shooting, 1981’s Space Seeker has you battling for victory against ever-approaching waves of enemy air forces in 3D, and mobile fortresses in 2D. Use the map to track your foes, but stay in one place too long and your bases will be overrun, losing you a life!
  • Alpine Ski (1982) – Enter the stage of the world of snow and take part in three competitions: Downhill ski, slalom and ski jump!
  • Front Line (1982) – Push forward to the enemy camp as a foot soldier! Drive tanks and armored vehicles!
  • Wild Western (1982) – Defeat the gangs attacking from all directions with your trusty rifle! You are the law!
  • Chack’n Pop (1983) – Hang in there, Chack’n! Get back the hearts from the thieving Monsta.
  • Elevator Action (1983) – Infiltrate a building as a spy on a solo mission, get all secret documents and make your escape!
  • The FairyLand Story (1985) – As the witch Ptolemy, you have to defeat the monsters deep inside the castle!
  • Halley’s Comet (1986) – Halley’s comet is headed for the planets of our solar system. Destroy the computer at its center!
  • The Ninja Warriors (1987) – Advance into enemy territory as an android ninja to crush the evil Banglar’s ambitions!

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