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Early 2024
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Symphonia is a side-scrolling platformer video game developed by Sunny Peak and published by Headup Games.


In the realm of Symphonia, music acts as a source of life and energy. But since the founders and their orchestra vanished the inhabitants are divided, and the world slowly falls into silence. What if there was a way to gather a new orchestra? That’s the question Philemon, the mysterious musician in Symphonia, will have to answer.

Embody a Mysterious Violinist

Embody a mysterious violinist, brought back to life in a declining world. Your violin and bow are both your instrument and a means of transport. Catapult yourself through the world, and complete levels by solving exciting platforming challenges while re-activating the machinery that brings life and energy back to this world.

Discover a Musical World

Discover a musical world, based on the symphonic orchestra, and filled with colorful characters. Each area in Symphonia has its own distinct feel and characters, and each room is hand-crafted. Meet prodigious musicians and try to convince them to join the orchestra.

A Unique Soundtrack

A unique soundtrack, based on the romantic musical period, crafted by composer Olivier Esman. Enjoy the performance of the Scoring Orchestra Paris, recorded specifically for Symphonia and written by composer Olivier Esman and his team. Play engrossing concerts, each centered around one of the families of instruments—strings, brass, and woodwinds.

Explore, navigate, play the violin, gather musicians. Awaken Symphonia.

Key Features

  • Experience and overcome great platforming challenges with all of Philemon’s abilities.
  • Discover various environments which combine music and machinery.
  • Play the violin to activate level elements and bring life to the realm.
  • Gather musical Prodigies and play breathtaking concerts to bring music, joy, and glory, back to the land.

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