Selfloss is an action adventure video game developed by Goodwin Games and published by Merge Games.


Selfloss is an action adventure game set in the post-apocalyptic whale-worshiping fantasy lands. The old volhv Kazimir starts his epic journey by boat and on foot in search of a ritual that can cure his soul wound. Meet memorable characters and use the light of your magic staff to fight Miasm—the mysterious disease that overran the world.

Key Features

  • The magical staff is central to the game’s mechanics and story.
  • Combat is strategic and dynamic. You control the character and his staff simultaneously and independently: the magic staff levitates around the protagonist, generating spells.
  • You can explore the world of Selfloss on foot or by boat, discovering Slavic and Icelandic myths along the way as you help others overcome their hardships and grief.
  • A unique sea-worshiping world with whale gods, resembling the landscapes of Iceland.
  • The art style was inspired by postimpressionism, and the colors of Selfloss were chosen with reference to color theories, particularly Simultaneous Contrast theory.

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