Samurai Warriors 4 DX

Omega Force
Release Dates
(PS4, Switch) Japan
Mar 14 2019
(PC) Worldwide
May 13 2024
Japanese Title
戦国無双4 DX
Official Website

Samurai Warriors 4 DX is an action video game developed by Omega Force and published by Koei Tecmo Games.


A total of 55 different officers are featured in this rich depiction of the Warring States period. The new deluxe edition of Samurai Warriors 4 contains more than 150 previously released downloadable content, including costumes, weapons, customization parts, scenarios, background music, and more.

Interact With 55 Different Officers, Including Nobuyuki Sanada and Yoshitsugu Otani

In response to popular demand, Nobuyuki Sanada and Yoshitsugu Otani are now among the many officers featured in this vivid portrayal of the Warring States period. Takatora Todo, Naotora Ii, and Munenori Yagyu, who previously appeared only in Japanese releases, also appear for the first time in the main Samurai Warriors series. In addition, character designs have been revamped and action elements have been enhanced for fan-favorite characters like Yukimura Sanada and Nobunaga Oda. The range of 55 unique officers, the greatest number of officers in a single game in the series, is a key component of Samurai Warriors.

Journey Through the Colorful History of the Warring States Period

In the main Story Mode, a tale based on historical events unfolds in two separate parts. While the regional stories focus on officers from regions across the land, such as Kyushu and Shikoku, the story of unification details the events leading up to the end of the Warring States period. Unlike previous Samurai Warriors titles, this game features battles between each faction, allowing for a more dramatic depiction of the relationships between officers. Experience firsthand the convictions, conflicts, and complex feelings of these officers.

Experience the Most Exhilarating Action in the Entire Series

The true thrill of this series, mowing down hordes of enemies in battles of one-versus-1,000, has been made even more exhilarating with the addition of new elements, including Hyper Attacks, which allow players to quickly close in on their enemies and cut them down, and Rage mode, which powers up attacks when the Spirit Gauge is full and allows players to perform the ultimate finishing move: Musou Frenzy Attacks. In addition, characters’ attack types and the overall progression system have been revamped. These new elements offer an unprecedented variety of attacks, along with the strongest sense of exhilaration of any game in the series, all while maintaining the simple controls characteristic of the Warriors series.

Travel Across the Land in Chronicle Mode

Explore the world of Samurai Warriors in the new Chronicle Mode by completing various types of requests, meeting officers, and collecting items in regions across the land. Leave a lasting mark on the history of the Warring States period by customizing officers via Create Character in the upgraded editing mode.

Switch Between Characters in Real Time During Battle

Use the Switch Character feature to switch between two different characters on the battlefield in real time as they strive for victory. By switching characters, players can gain an advantage in battle, discover hidden objectives, and receive various benefits. They can also set a detailed plan of action for the character not currently being played.

Utilize the Strong Connection Between Morale and Combat

Enemy camps are made stronger by higher Morale levels, but completing objectives and defeating standard bearers lowers enemy Morale and makes it easier to claim victory. As such, the player’s actions have a drastic effect on battle conditions.

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