Release Dates
(PC) Worldwide
May 30 2023
(PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One) Worldwide
Feb 20 2024

Return to Grace is an adventure video game developed and published by Creative Bytes Studios.


Return to Grace is a first-person narrative adventure set in a visually stunning ’60s retro sci-fi world.

You play as space archaeologist Adie Ito, who has unearthed the ancient resting place of an A.I. god and onetime caretaker of the solar system known as Grace.

The only inhabitants of the site are fracture variations of the Grace AI. Each with their own quirky personalities and unknown motives.

Adie must choose which personalities to build relationships with as she seeks to uncover the secret of why Grace was shut down thousands of years ago.

Key Features

  • Mystery narrative where player choice affects story branching, clue discovery, character relationships, and the game’s thought-provoking conclusion.
  • Experience a variety of interactions from harrowing balance beam crossings; to hacking ancient computer systems; to operating an unwieldy, flamethrowing jetpack.
  • Explore a wondrous ’60s inspired science-fiction setting.
  • Evening sized game that can be completed in one sitting and replayed for different experiences.

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