Retro Mystery Club Vol. 2: The Beppu Case

Flyhigh Works
Release Dates
(Switch) Japan
Jul 7 2022
(PC) Japan
Aug 8 2022
(PS4) Japan
Sep 9 2022
(Switch, PC) Worldwide
Apr 3 2024
Japanese Title
大分・別府ミステリー案内 歪んだ竹灯籠
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Retro Mystery Club Vol. 2: The Beppu Case is a visual novel video game developed by Happymeal and published by Flyhigh Works.


Play the latest installment in this retro mystery series that travels across Japan! This time, the stage is set in Beppu, Oita Prefecture! There, hearts that pass each other by can’t help but grow twisted… Uncover the truth behind a mysterious death with your junior detective, Ken!

Encounter a cast of intriguing characters in this suspense-filled drama and discover the truth behind the case. Meet Soichiro Anan, the head of a famous family of bamboo craftspeople in Beppu, and his wife, Midori, along with their ever-loyal housekeeper, Mitsu, and the seductive Tokiko…

The manga artist Kiyokazu Arai continues his work on the series and designed all the characters.


Beppu, Oita Prefecture… In this scenic locale, an unprecedented artistic event, Technomix, is being held, with the hope of fusing Beppu’s traditional bamboo crafts with the latest digital art.

Soichiro Anan, the head of a prominent family of bamboo craftspeople, is working with Artenova, a cutting-edge digital art group. Word of their collaboration quickly spreads and sparks anticipation. However, as the event approaches, all the attention makes them the object of envy and resentment. Their critics grow in number and volume, and harassment soon devolves into death threats.

At the same time, in recognition of your unique investigative achievements, you and your junior detective, Ken, are hurriedly dispatched to Oita and tasked with strengthening security at the event. Empathizing with the event’s organizers, you decide to devote yourselves to Technomix’s success, and to protecting everyone involved.

However, fate has other plans, and events take a sudden, dark turn…

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