Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Release Dates
Japan, Asia
Jun 10 2021
Summer 2022
Japanese Title
二ノ国 : Cross Worlds
Korean Title
제2의 나라: Cross Worlds
Traditional Chinese Title
二之國 : 交錯世界

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is a role-playing video game developed by Netmarble and LEVEL-5, and published by Netmarble.

■ Story

You are about to enter a brand new world in the virtual reality game Soul Divers.

But as you explore and become stronger, you’ll realize this world is not a virtual one.

A mysterious girl named Rania entrusts you with a mission:

Rebuild your kingdom ransacked by powerful foes… and save the two connected worlds from certain destruction!

■ Characters

Discover the new you and travel to Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds!

  • Engineer – Adorable sharpshooter. A weapons expert who can wield various firearms such as rifles. She’s also a helpful ally who can heal her friends on the battlefield!
  • Destroyer – Giant warrior. A tough warrior who strikes his enemies with a giant hammer. He is merciless to his foes but a dependable friend to his allies.
  • Swordsman – Heroic fencer. A noble swordsman who can deal rapid attacks with his one-handed sword. His incredible bladework demoralizes his enemies on the frontlines.
  • Witch – Beautiful magician. A magical perfectionist with a clever flying spear and nimble feet. She can adapt to most any situation with her various skill effects.
  • Rogue – Playful archer. A ranged damage dealer who confuses his enemies with volleys of arrows and quick movement. He can also take on a supporting role by making his party much stronger.

■ Familiars

These loyal friends will share your adventure in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds! Find the warrior of heart just right for you!

  • Rambunctus – Rambunctus was born of the desire to do whatever it wants. You’re sure to find Rambunctus dancing in crowded places, making everyone nearby tired with its sweet moves.
  • Penguicorn – Penguicorn was born of the desire to help others. It is a true gentleman, always holding doors and answering when asked for directions. This incredible butler will give you a warm welcome home after a long day.
  • Jabber – Jabber was born of the desire to be free. You may encounter brave Jabbers while walking through forests. Seeing a Jabber fight valiantly can inspire courage in your own heart.
  • Petal – Petals are born in the hearts of flowers. They float in the wind and help flower buds bloom, spreading their floral scent far and wide.
  • Hog-Goblin – A familiar that lives in groups in the mountains. Don’t let its cuteness fool you, or it may knock you out with its stick and take all your stuff!
  • Sparkee – Sparkee was born from an energetic heart. It sometimes shocks its own friends because it produces so much electricity. It would be a lot more popular if it could just contain itself…
  • Polarin – Polarin was born from the cleanest snow in Winter Wonderland. It has a cute face with bright eyes and fluffy snowballs, but it can charge at you with its icicle horn, so be careful!
  • Petromaton – A magical creature whose duty is to protect the ruins of an ancient kingdom. It stands still when it’s not fighting, but as soon as it sees an enemy, it uses its rocky fists to take them down with surprising speed.
  • Sillymander – Sillymander was born from lava in a hot desert. Every breath it takes is accompanied by flames, so watch out! It may look friendly, but it’s actually very dangerous, so keep a safe distance!
  • Rimu – A teddy bear made by a magician as a gift for a young girl who was afraid of the dark. Though born of the desire to help the girl, Rimu is a scaredy-cat. It hides from its fears in its dinosaur costume.

■ Locations

  • Eastern Heartlands – A mysterious land studded with ancient ruins… Go for a run with Catarumpus through this mysterious and peaceful landscape. Beautiful scenery and unexpected adventures await!
  • Burning Desert – A vast desert in the southern Summerlands… If you get lost in the desert, just look for the giant airship in the sky! A brilliant golden city awaits you beneath it.
  • Witch’s Woods – A mystical forest shrouded in never-ending night… Make memories with friends under the moonlight. You may even spot a curious witch or two!

Winter Wonderland – A realm of snow and ice, home of the yetis… This place is bitter cold, but you’ll feel warm when you meet new friends.

■ Kingdoms

Your very own kingdom, a place to make memories and share delicious feasts!

These loyal friends will share your adventure in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds! Find the warrior of heart just right for you!

  • Customization – Customize each tree and all the roof colors! Decorate your kingdom for a personal touch.
  • Defense – Save the kingdom from danger! Join your friends to defend the kingdom from monsters.
  • Relic Wars – A fierce battle between kingdoms to claim powerful relics! A large-scale faction war where players capture territories in real time.
  • Invasion – Emerge victorious in this exciting fight between kingdoms! Large-scale battle content where kingdoms attack and defend against each other.
  • Capital – One per server! Only the best kingdom can become the capital. The capital can set policies that affect every player on the server.

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