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Neon Blood is a role-playing video game developed by ChaoticBrain Studio and published by Meridiem Games and Gammera Nest.


The dual Viridis, separated between the luxurious Bright City and the dangerous Blind City, where inequality reigns until you, Axel McCoin, an idealistic detective, start a revolution to change the world in this cyberpunk RPG adventure.

Year 2053, humanity has been reduced to a single macropolis, Viridis, which is made up of two cities, the luxurious Bright City and the dystopian Blind City.

Axel McCoin, a detective from Blind City, will be motivated by his ideals to rebel against the injustices caused by the social separation between the two cities and the social inequalities that exist in society in general, becoming a symbol of a revolution. In his adventure, Axel will encounter powerful allies who will help him in his purpose as well as enemies who will stand in his way, such as Ruby Emerald who will do everything possible to make Axel’s plans fail.

Key Features

  • Elaborate and deep story with a cyberpunk theme combined with a turn-based combat style like old RPGs with strong strategy factor.
  • Two different realities of the two cities with complete 2.5D aesthetic, merging cyberpunk and science-fiction.
  • A big macropolis full of secrets to be solved with a complete dialogue-based detective system.
  • A lot of neons.

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