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Nov 16 2023
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Loddlenaut is an open-water adventure video game developed by Moon Lagoon and published by Secret Mode.


Loddlenaut is an ocean cleanup adventure set on a vibrant alien planet. Play as an interstellar custodian who is tasked with cleaning up the pollution left behind by spacefaring mega-corporation. Befriend local axolotl-like creatures and explore sunken corporate ruins as you revive the planet’s lush ecosystems.

Key Features

  • Explore an open-world alien planet.
  • Raise aquatic critters called “loddles” that grow based on what they eat.
  • Clean up icky goop and floating debris with your bubble gun.
  • Unlock special gadgets to clean different types of ocean pollution.
  • Recycle collected trash to craft useful items and upgrades.

Bing GUP-14 Back to Life

Your mission: Clean up the ocean planet of GUP-14 after it was abandoned by GUPPI, a mega-corporation that makes and sells everything from soda to spaceships. When you first arrive on the planet, you’ll find yourself amid murky waters, oil spills, and scattered junk.

Within the polluted environments, you’ll find remnants of GUPPI’s buildings, ships, and machinery all sunken to the ocean floor. Discover clues about the planet’s past inhabitants as you clean up the mess they left behind using an assortment of high-tech gadgets.

Befriend All the Loddles

As you clean up the planet, you’ll run into axolotl-like aliens known as “loddles.” Protect them from the polluted waters and feed them aquatic fruits while you make their planet habitable again. Depending on their diet, loddles will grow in different ways and develop unique traits and abilities that will further enable them to survive on this polluted planet.

When the loddles are strong enough and the waters are cleaner, release them back into the wild and watch them thrive! You may even come across eggs that you can incubate to raise more loddles.

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