Incantation is a horror video game developed and published by Softstar Entertainment.


Enter anytime. Stay forever.

Incantation is a first-person horror mystery game that’s adapted from a movie of the same name. The game reveals the chilling story behind Chen Village from the movie. A mother searching for her missing daughter accidentally stumbles into a village filled with mysterious cults. Beyond the palpable madness and fear in the village, there’s a sinister force that drives one to despair. What happens when one crosses the forbidden line of this evil deity?

Key Features

  • Exploration – In this unknown and eerie environment, search for fragile clues to piece together the whereabouts of your loved one. Is all this struggle to solve the mystery, or just a desperate desire to survive?
  • Stealth – Danger can strike from unexpected places; be alert to everything in the village! Try to hide your movements as if you’ve never set foot on this land before.
  • Uncover the Truth – Throughout this journey, every corner, every object, every emotion you encounter will lead you closer to the truth. But, is all of this just a coincidence? Or is there a hidden agenda behind everything?
  • HOU-HO-XIU-YI, SI-SEI-WU-MA – Wholeheartedly offer your name. If it pleases the Mother-Buddha, maybe, just maybe, you’ll find a glimmer of hope in this deadly game…

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  • December 1, 2023