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Aug 8 2023
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I Am Future is a survival game developed by Mandragora and published by tinyBuild.


Many years have passed since the civilization collapsed. A city, once modern and alive, is now flooded and overgrown. Only roofs stand above the water like small islands, and the billboards are overgrown with grass and trees. Nature took its toll: wild animals and birds are the new citizens. But when the night falls, unseen fantastic creatures come and bring threat.

One lovely day, you find yourself on the roof of a skyscraper. It looks like there’s not a living soul around. But who said that the post-apocalypse has got to be a dire place where you only fight for survival? Why not start a new life, arranging yourself a home with the most fantastic view you can imagine?

Key Features

  • Turn the Abandoned Roof into Your Big and Cozy Home – Starting from the scratch on an empty roof, explore your surroundings, and find the necessary resources, tools, and gadgets. Step by step, build yourself a complicated multi-purpose base for work and recreation—a custom place that suits you and and your needs!
  • Create Necessary Gadgets Out of Ancient Home Appliances – Old microwaves, rusty cars, and antique computers—all come in handy! Carefully disassemble devices to get the necessary details and put them to use for creating futuristic gadgets according to the blueprints you get your hands on. By the way, have we mentioned that you will get to have a cyborg hand? You can upgrade it, too!
  • Build Automated Helpers and Turn Your Buildings into Sentient Beings – Make some friends so you won’t get too lonely! Upload artificial intelligence to your buildings, talk to them, listen to their thoughts, concerns, and advice, and develop your relationships with them! Or build yourself some pet drones—besides everything, they are useful in automating routine tasks.
  • Go Fishing, or Pick Up Farming and Cooking – The benefits of the collapse of human civilization? There’s now enough time to pick up new hobbies! The roof is very well suited for building a garden, and the surrounding sea is full of tasty fish for the tastiest Mediterranean dishes to cook!
  • Protect Your Base – It seems that the nature has changed significantly after all, and there are new dangers not known to humans before. Build your defense structures and be cautious!
  • Explore the Sunken City and its Mysteries – What exactly happened with the civilization and how did you end up on the roof? The answers lay somewhere in the city ruins—will you try to get to the bottom of it?

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