Release Dates
(Genesis) Japan
Jan 25 1991
(Genesis) North America, Europe
(Wii) Japan
May 20 2008
(PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, Switch) Worldwide
Nov 12 2021
Japanese Title
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Gynoug is a shoot ’em up developed by Masaya Games and published by NCS Corporation in Japan, DreamWorks in North America, and SEGA in Europe. The 2021-released version is developed by Shinyuden and published by Ratalaika Games.

The Real McCoy

Released originally on Sega Mega Drive, American fans of this beast of a shooter, known there as Wings of Wor, will soon be able to experience, as will everyone, this not to be missed title on the latest consoles. This heavyweight comes full to bursting with action and full blown destruction that will light up your screens. It may on the surface appear to be yet another horizontal scrolling, seek and raise hell game, but the playability factor and challenge is unsurpassed.

Set to Fight

The planet has been decimated by a virus that has transformed and mutated into a breed of some of the most fearsome creatures ever! They are the Mutants of Iccus, led by the terrible Destroyer. Many have taken on the mutants before you… and many have failed. Now i’s your turn. From the deepest caverns of Iccus to the belly of the beast itself, you must fly and fight for the life of your planet! It won’t be easy… but then the best battles never are! Destroy the Destroyer and Iccus will be saved, its skies free once again. But fail and your wings will be clipped… forever!

Action: Get Ready

Six levels of do or die action and you annihilate all that dare to challenge you or even come in your sights. A ‘power up system’ really lives up to its name for as you progress, and succeed, it dramatically increases your fire power and the overall force you are able to exert! Colored crystals and orbs can be blasted as they miraculously appear to gain you even more extra power and don’t miss out on the red orb for that is a real bonus upgrade. The more orbs you collect the more varied upgrades you are presented with. Spot the amber orb and a real treat is in store. Although many of the actions are now customary to this genre there are plenty of surprises in store.

Enemy bosses, mini bosses, ghouls, weird and wonderful creatures, and objects all make appearances and they are not mere fodder to be shot to smithereens. Speedy reactions are required!

Key Features

  • High configurable CRT shader.
  • Special mode that enables accessibility features.
  • Rewind mode and save/load state functionality.
  • Dynamic Music.
  • Ever Changing levels of play.
  • Long Levels of Mythical, Subterranean, Cavernous fiery pursuit.
  • Garganic enemies.
  • Epic mid level and end level boss confrontation.

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