Goonya Monster

Release Dates
Dec 4 2022
Japanese Title
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Goonya Monster is a multiplayer party action video video game developed and published by MUTAN.


Goonya Monster is a party game where you go on a rampage playing as characters designed by Terada Tera. Split into Busters and Monsters to face off against one another! An absolutely absurd battle awaits you!

Key Features

  • Bite-Sized Three-Minute Matches! “Busters” vs. “Monsters” – A three-versus-one party game with cutesy characters. Busters can use a unique cast of weapons, while Monsters can unleash powerful skills! Everyone is sure to have a blast playing!
  • Character Designs by Terada Tera – Terada Tera’s character designs faithfully recreated!
  • Buster: Master a Diverse Set of Weapons to Sway the Match Outcome to Your Favor! – Lasers! Shotguns! Flamethrowers! Round up the enemies using an exhilarating line-up of weapons! The Buster’s Win Condition is to defeat Undead enemies roaming the stage and collect their souls.
  • Monster: Send Those Pesky Busters Flying with Your Extravagant Skills! – Super-sized Beams to Super-sizing yourself! Use your ultimate “Predation” attack to defeat the Busters! Annihilate all the Busters, or survive until the time limit, and the Monster’s got the Win!
  • Play a Bunch to Earn a Bunch of Costumes! – Playing Episode matches unlocks custom Items! Dress up your favorite characters in whacky outfits!

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