Glitch Busters: Stuck on You

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May 23 2023
Japanese Title
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Glitch Busters: Stuck on You is a cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Toylogic and published by Skybound Games.


In the far-flung future, the AI that populate the net come under attack by mysterious viruses—and it’s up to your squad of Glitch BUsters to keep them from infecting every AI in the virtual world!

Work alone or together with three friends to exterminate viruses across wildly inventive stages, including a towering metropolis and roaring volcano using special magnetic co-op abilities and an arsenal of unlockable weapons. Play, laugh, and shout with your team to take on the net’s kookiest bugs in an online world gone haywire!

Key Features

  • Squad Up with Unique Magnetic Co-op Abilities – One-to-four players or AI bots can party-up and snap together, push away, tackle with magnet-induced momentum, and more! Every action you make can affect your allies, so enjoy the chaos.
  • It’s a Crazy, Kooky, Online World – Take on the net’s worst enemies in a wacky online world gone haywire! From Review Mountain to Tube City, the wild online world of Glitch Busters features a unique 2D transformed to 3D visual style that’s a little absurd and definitely over the top.
  • Terabytes of Chaotic Mayhem – Clear the Net’s biggest threats in inventive stages that will challenge even the best teams. But they’ll be no match for an unlockable arsenal provided by your AI operator Ana!

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