Release Dates
(PS4, PC) Worldwide
Jul 5 2016
(Xbox One) Worldwide
Dec 2 2016
(Switch) Worldwide
Jan 11 2018
(PS5) Worldwide
May 17 2022

Furi is an action video game developed and published by The Game Bakers.


Furi is a boss-fight game designed to challenge your skills against a wide variety of unique bosses. Furi offers a unique mix of sword fighting and dual-stick shooting, with a simple set of controls. Furi‘s depth comes from the players learning how best to apply their powers against the varied bosses.

Timing, reflexes, and execution will determine how you fare against each one. The diversity of opponents and attack patterns is there to make the player refine his or her skills and get better and better, instead of increasing the character’s stats or his weapons. Ultimately, feeling your skills improve, as a player, we believe is one of the best feelings we can get from video games.

Furi has been inspired by Japanese games such as No More Heroes, Metal Gear Solid, and God Hand, and is the result of our desire to capture the combined moment of fright, passion and adrenaline you feel when in a fight.

Key Features

  • A simple set of control that you need to master to perfection: You can slash with your sword, shoot with your gun, dodge and parry. You can also charge the slash attack, the gun shot and the dodge. Once you’ve got that, you can play!
  • There’s no limit to how much you can improve, it’s simple and deep. The challenges are based on a simple formula: get warned—react—punish. The depth comes from the differences between the guardians. It’s about how you play a few moves differently to beat a different opponent.
  • Furi is a challenging game that requires skills and reflexes. No button mashing or combo learning. You need to wait for your adversary to show an opening to fight back.
  • Default difficulty is Furi mode. Beat the game in Furi, and you’ll unlock Furier (hardcore). Beat it in Furier, you’ll unlock a Speedrun mode (compete against time or hits – with leaderboards). There is also a Promenade mode that is easier mode.
  • Furi is about you, the hero, regaining your freedom. While you piece the story together it raises questions on what’s worth fighting for.

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