Deathsmiles I & II

Release Dates
(PS4, Xbox One, Switch) Worldwide
Dec 16 2021
(PC) Worldwide
Jun 23 2022

Deathsmiles I & II is a shoot ’em up video game collection developed by CAVE Interactive and City Connection, and published by City Connection.


Deathsmiles is CAVE’s bullet-hell shoot ’em up where you take the role of one of four Angels to defend the magical land of Gilverado from an invasion by Hell itself! Team up with a friend, choose an angel, and eradicate this devilish assault across nine different game modes!

Deathsmiles II presents you more of the things that made the first one great, two new characters to play as, and a new polygonal graphic style. Chase the evil Satan Claws, who killed your caretaker Count Dior on Christmas Eve, through a hellish winter wonderland!

Deathsmiles‘s developer, CAVE, is the powerhouse behind revered bullet-hell shooters such as Mushihimesama, DoDonPachi series, Espgaluda, and many more!

Key Features

  • Includes Deathsmiles (Arcade, Version 1.1, Normal), Mega Black Label Edition (Arcade, Version 1.1, Normal) and Deathsmiles II (Arcade, IIX, Arrange). The western physical edition includes the Gothic wa Mahou Otome characters downloadable content on cart / disc.
  • Horizontally scrolling bullet-hell madness across nine different game modes!
  • Spooky good fun! Battle ghosts, demons, man-eating plants, and giant cattle! You can even take on demon Santa!
  • Four (six in Deathsmiles II) playable angels to choose from, each with their own faithful familiars.
  • Play a great variety of gothic-themed stages in the order of your choosing.
  • Supports two-player local cooperative play. Banish the forces of Hell together!

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