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Criminals Within is a cooperative multiplayer action adventure video game developed and published by Space Rock Games.


Join forces with a friend and embark on an epic journey through a medieval fantasy land inhabited by powerful, de-evolved dragons. Unravel the mystery behind “The Wither,” a deadly disease that is spreading throughout the kingdom, threatening its very existence.

Take on the role of Helena, a formidable royal guard with unmatched strength, and the roguish burglar Jarel, reluctantly roped into this quest. Explore treacherous caves and cursed jungles, seeking the lost prince Felix and working to bring an end to the ongoing conflict.

Criminals Within is developed by industry veterans who have previously worked on games such as Fable, Path of Exile, Black & White 2, Chivalry II, and many others.

Key Features

  • Experience asymmetric cooperative multiplayer, where each player takes on a unique role in the adventure.
  • Engage in skill-based combat, where strategic thinking and quick reflexes are the keys to victory.
  • Take on epic boss battles, facing off against formidable foes that will test your mettle.
  • Work together to solve cooperative puzzles, utilizing each character’s strengths to overcome challenges.
  • Enjoy Disney-style comedy that will keep you laughing and engaged throughout your journey.
  • Customize your character’s appearance with a variety of player cosmetics.

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  • March 17, 2023

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