Bramble: The Mountain King

Release Dates
Apr 27 2023

Bramble: The Mountain King is an adventure / horror video game developed by Modus Studios Dimfrost and published by Merge Games.


Bramble: The Mountain King is an adventure / horror game focused on atmospheric environments, high-end graphics, cinematic moments and casual gameplay. Throughout the game you will embark on a journey through the dark world of Bramble where you will encounter “David vs. Goliath” bosses and explore and traverse beautiful Nordic nature. You will meet interesting creatures and experience a unique world filled with Nordic fables and fairy tales.


A shy boy and his adventurous, older sister sneak out from their home at night and wander deep into a nearby forest. As they explore an old ancient ruin, the ground suddenly collapses, and they tumble down through a sinkhole to the lost and magical world of Bramble.

Together, they explore Bramble, and befriend curious and strange spirits. However, not all of the creatures that they meet are friendly. The siblings are taken by surprise as a huge troll traps them. The troll abducts the sister, leaving the younger brother lost in despair.

Without his older sister and role model, the shy boy is lost. He needs to find strength inside of him and grow up fast in order to face all the horror and monsters ahead of him. When he embarks on this journey to reunite with his sister, he also unravels a dark curse that has sickened the world. He soon realizes that something dangerous is lurking in the shadows below the mountains.

Key Features

  • Traverse the treacherous land of Bramble on an emotional journey to find your sister, all while uncovering the secret of a dark curse.
  • Story-driven gameplay, cinematic moments, and “David vs. Goliath” boss fights.
  • Encounter mythical creatures such a Nacken, the Skogsra, trolls, and gnomes.
  • Explore landscapes and environments inspired by Nordic nature.

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