Bokuhime Project

Release Dates
(PS4, Switch) Japan
Apr 23 2020
(PC [DL Site]) Japan
Feb 5 2021
(PC [Steam]) Japan
Oct 15 2021
Japanese Title
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Bokuhime Project is a visual novel developed by Wizardsoft and published by Nippon Ichi Software.


A cross-dressing / infiltration adventure game set in a school for refined young ladies where the male to female ratio is 1:99. Minato, an ordinary boy who enjoys helping with housework, cross-dresses to sneak into the school for refined young ladies attended by his older sister to investigate the strange incident that put her in a coma. The school’s four “super” beauties—the “princesses”—know the truth behind the incident. In order to deepen his interactions with the princesses, Minato must improve his femininity with the help of his cousin Akira.

Key Features

  • A Cute Showdown Between the Cross-Dressing Boy and the Beautiful Girls – To save his older sister, who went into a coma for unknown reasons, the protagonist cross-dresses to sneak into and investigate the school for refined young ladies that she attends. To shed light on the incident that his older sister wrapped up in, he must compete for cuteness against the four beauties of the school—the “princesses.”
  • An Exciting Academy Life in a Garden of Young Ladies – The story is set in the prestigious school known as the “Private Yuriai Academy,” which is made up of 99 percent female students. The protagonist, who cross-dresses as a female student, cannot stop his heart from pounding in a life full of unfamiliar women. Through physical education, swimming lessons, tea parties, skinship, cosplay, and other new experiences, his femininity will continue to grow.
  • Get Cuter through Various Cross-Dressing Lessons – During the story, cross-dressing lessons called “Bokuhime Project” will occur. Through various lessons such as “Visual,” which improves your appearance to be more feminine; “Culture,” which deepens your knowledge as a girl; and “Spirit,” which strengthens your resistance to shame, the protagonist will grow to become even cuter.

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