Armed Fantasia: To the End of the Wilderness

Armed Fantasia: To the End of the Wilderness is a turn-based role-playing video game developed by WILD BUNCH Productions and bee tribe Digital Studio, and published by WILD BUNCH Productions.


A dramatic new story unfolds in a world hurtling towards destruction. Become a Pathfinder and, with trusted ARM in hand, embark on a perilous journey across a sprawling wilderness.

Traps and treasures lie in wait across both the world map and its dungeons, requiring both the characters’ skills and the player’s wits to solve and escape in one piece.

The new battle system, Cross Order Tactics, combines the strategy of a turn-based system with high octane action to create a unique and tense game experience.

With overall game design and scenario by Akifumi Kaneko, character design by Tomomi Sasaki, and soundtrack by Michiko Naruke, Noriyasu Uematsu, and Elements Garden, this is going to be a Westernpunk experience not to be missed!


In the faraway land of Londenium, what remains of humanity clings stubbornly to a world that is slowly transforming into a wilderness while the horrifying Anomalies upheave their way of life, growing more dangerous with every passing year.

In this world with no future, the fate of humanity rests in the hands of a single governing body, the Order of the Sacred Key. Since its foundation, the Order has guided those lost amidst the chaos. It teaches law and order, provides technology, and serves as the vanguard that protects humanity from the Anomaly threat.

The Order also continues to support a branch of adventurers known as the Pathfinders, equipping them with both powerful ARM weaponry and hope that the world will return to mankind’s care once more.

In a far flung comer of this world a young man named Ingram loses his grandfather; the final tether binding him to his hometown. With no reason to stay, he sets out on a new adventure as a Pathfinder to reconnect with his childhood friend.

Ingram’s journey will lead him to cross destinies with many a new friend and foe, and become embroiled in a monumental battle that’ll strike through Londenium’s past and its future.


  • Ingram Goodweather – Ingram is 17 years old and an up-and-coming Pathfinder. Raised in a town filled with people pushing to strike it rich, he had to develop street smarts, making him come across like someone wise beyond their years. Ingram specializes in gun-type ARMs, utilizing speed to confuse his opponents and gain the upper-hand. He has a propensity for flashiness, dealing rapid damage to individual or multiple targets.
  • Alicia Fairhead – 19 years old and daughter of the leader of the Knights of the Order, Alicia is steadfast in her duty as a knight to protect the peace. Her bright and cheerful personality gives her an air of, but in battle she is a force to be reckoned with-using tall spear-type ARMS and shields to deal serious damage.
  • Euclid Sturges – Ingram’s best friend who winds up moving because of family issues, leaving their childhood promise unfulfilled. In order to fulfill said promise, Euclid becomes a Pathfinder. 18 years old. He tries to handle everything intellectually if possible. He wields staff-type ARMs allowing him to fire magical energy and take advantage of enemy weak points.


Armed Fantasia aims for that old-school JRPG style that allows you to experience the spirit of adventure; crossing the great expanse and using your wits to cross any obstacle in your path.

Armed Fantasia is founded on a concept that is becoming harder to find in recent games: a gigantic world map. Race, leap and solve puzzles, or feel the momentum of crossing the land, sea and air in high-speed vehicles. The world map of Armed Fantasia will be packed with things to do, beautifully rendered with a unique look not seen in other titles.

Meanwhile, dungeon exploration is all about utilizing the characters’ Gadgets.

Switch between Gadgets to solve obstacles standing in your way and embrace that sense of catharsis when you finally open a particularly picky path.

And the battles in Armed Fantasia may be turn-based but they maintain a quick tempo thanks to the Cross Order Tactics system. Successive character actions play a key role in the Order Chain, and disruptive Force Breaks that interrupt enemy turn order make for engagements filled with tension and suspense that will push you to seriously consider your battle strategy!


An outbreak of bizarre creatures known as the Anomalies has spread across the world, becoming the main threat towards humanity in Armed Fantasia.

Though their origin is shrouded in mystery, Anomalies are believed to be a mutation of living creatures native to Londenium. However, some have since transcended their original nature, showing there is still much about them left to learn.

Not only is communication with them impossible, but their extremely hostile nature towards humans makes the Anomalies a menace that must be defeated at all costs.

  • Gwiber – The Gwiber slices through the arid skies on its four powerful wings. It has fierce maneuverability, but even more dangerous is the poisonous stinger on its tail. The number of victims of its high altitude hit-and-run tactics or eventually succumbing to its excruciating venom are beyond count.
  • Kongamoto – The Kongamoto is a ferocious predator of all living things, but with a particular predilection for human flesh. So rabid a creature it is that it’s even been rumored to feast on its own kind should starvation strike. Records show occasions where the beats of its powerful wings have capsized merchant ships navigating the inland sea, making it deeply feared among sailors and seafaring folk.
  • Aptrganga – In Armed Fantasia there are weapons constructed from corpses, created using prohibited magicks defiling the sanctity of life. Aptrganga is one of the strongest. The Order once exposed a horrifying factory known as the Anomaly Cemetery where these impure creatures were being produced en masse and falling into the hands of evil men.


  • Westernpunk Settlement – 1,000 years ago, a civilization that existed all over Londenium was wiped from the land and humanity has walked a decaying path ever since—unable to maintain governmental systems and gathering in small towns or settlements such as this one. Even with the Order of the Sacred Key providing infrastructure and supporting livelihoods, the level of technology has never come close to recovering. Now people patch together relics excavated from the ruins, creating a new mechanical civilization still in its infancy.
  • Prehistoric Ruins – Scattered across Londenium exist prehistoric ruins built using extremely advanced technology. Contrary to their archaic, gothic appearance, they are constructed of powerful yet lost mechanical technology, with some ruins still functional after thousands of years. The people of this world make their living by exploring these ruins and scavenging any usable parts and materials. The larger the ruins, the larger the nearby settlement of people in search of riches. However, the remaining living ruins contain functioning guard systems designed to keep out unworthy intruders, making only the most skilled Pathfinders capable of exploring their depths.
  • Island Excavation Site – With the encroaching wilderness and Anomaly threat, humans were left with no choice but to evacuate certain areas. This now solitary island once served was once an excavation site for prehistoric ruins under the guidance of the Order of the Sacred Key. However, researchers and workers alike were forced to flee the location when it was attacked by savage Anomalies. There’s a good chance that the abandoned excavation revealed untouched treasures, but those brave enough to find out will need to be powerful enough to take on the Anomalies that have taken up residence…


Composing the modern Westernpunk soundtrack that will accompany your adventure in the wilderness are Wild Arms composers Michiko Naruke and Noriyasu Agematsu (Elements Garden).

They’ll be going all-out working on the music and sounds for the game!

Key Features

  • Explore a world turned wilderness with a unique Westernpunk feel.
  • Follow the tale of six main characters on their grand, drama-packed adventure.
  • Utilize character actions to navigate and explore your surroundings.
  • Explore a gigantic world map to uncover hidden treasures and sub-quests.
  • Use each character’s individual Gadget to solve puzzles that block your path.
  • Flex your initiative in highly strategic battles filled to the brim with intense action.
  • Tracks upon tracks of ‘modern western’ inspired background music that’ll really get your toes tapping.


  • Overall Game Designer and Scenario Writer: Akifumi Kaneko
  • Character Design: Tomomi Sasaki
  • Composer: Michiko Naruke
  • Composer: Noriyasu Agematsu
  • Chief Director: Hiroki Ishii
  • Studio Director: Satoshi Nishimura
  • Planning Director: Atsushi Hashimoto
  • Scenario Director: Mado Sekiya
  • ARM Design: As’maria
  • Development: bee tribe Digital Studio

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